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South Arcade Speedway: Kish Wins Second in a Row FASTRAK, Jeff Hellwig Tops Street Stocks


by Matt Steffenhagen

August 13, 2010 – Delevan, NY – It was Friday the thirteenth but the day did not seem to bring bad luck to South Arcade Speedway. The pits were full with a season-high car count of 74. With the help of some generous sponsors, the car counts in the Street Stocks and Pure Stocks were boosted a bit, but all four other divisions were up in car counts from previous weeks as well.
In the Jerge’s Auto Parts FASTRAK Late Models, point leader Justin Tatlow (81) and Garrett Stephen (79) would lead the field to the green flag. Bob Kish (5) would move around Stephen to take second almost immediately. Garrett Mott (43x) and “½ Pint” Damien Bidwell would battle for 6th, swapping positions early in the going. Bidwell and Adam Sixt (6T) would come together on a lap seven restart sending Sixt spinning to the infield and Bidwell to the pits with a flat tire. With Sixt and Bidwell now out of his way, Garrett Mott would work past Tom Kemp (28) and Garrett Stephen to ride third. By lap nine, Bob Kish was beginning to give challenge to Justin Tatlow. Tatlow, always using the inside berm of the speedway nearly found disaster when his car slid extremely sideways in turn four, however he was able to regain control and retain the top spot. Following a lap thirteen restart, Tatlow, Kish, and Mott dove into turn one side-by-side-by-side. The three came together a bit with Tatlow spinning to the inside of the speedway in what could best be chalked up as a “racing deal.” At the same time, Kemp would move past Mott to start second on the restart with six laps to go. Bob Kish would keep his car out front, while Garrett Mott would make a last-lap pass to grab second away from Tom Kemp. The win was Bob Kish’s second in a row.
Al Brewer (71) and Mike Eschrich (9E) would make up the front row of the Insinger Performance E-mod feature. Eschrich would use his outside starting position to grab the lead away from the get-go. Nathan Hill (38) would start back in seventh. Hill would make a charge through the field, passing Brian Gillespie (15T), Carl Ballinger (53), and George Ritter (72). The trio of Brewer, Eschrich, and Vic Vena (01) would break away out front early in the going. Hill would eventually reel in and pass Vena for third and would go on to finish there before skipping tech. inspection and being placed last in the results. Out front in was Eschrich all the way, however as the race wore on it became apparent that he and Brewer were on different tire strategies. Brewer kept close and kept the pressure on for the whole race and it paid off as the pair went side-by-side under the white flag and Al Brewer was able to make the pass for the win on the final circuit. The win was Brewer’s first of the season at SAS, a track which he had multiple victories at last season.
The Lauterborn Electric Street Stocks had a bit of extra incentive to win this night, as Kurt Miller, sponsor of Bruno Mowery (49) put up an extra $100 towards the winner’s share. Jeff Hellwig (2H) would make his first appearance of the season this night and would start on pole with Tim Bruce (75) alongside. At the start, Tim Bruce and Dan Giboo (8) would get around to run 1-2. Hellwig would make it back past Giboo at lap six. By this time, a five-car break away at the front of the field formed with Tim Bruce, Jeff Hellwig, Dan Giboo, John Ellwood (27), and Chris Austin (22A) getting away from the field. Jeff Hellwig would put his car to the outside on lap nine to get by Tim Bruce for the lead. Positions two and four would change hands on lap 14 with Giboo getting by Bruce and Austin getting around Ellwood. They would swap again as Ellwood would now race his way past Giboo to run third with Chris Austin following him by. In the final restart of the race, Dan Giboo would catch and climb the front straight wall to drop him from 5th to 12th, but out front it was Jeff Hellwig motoring to the win in his first start at SAS this season.
The Lauterborn Electric Pure Stocks had money added to their winner’s share this night as well, with Jerge’s Auto Parts kicking in $250. The bonus drew a few more cars, most notably Dennis Thomas (48) of Olean. Thomas would win his heat to start on pole with Rod Winans (74) starting alongside. A crash in the heat race kept usual front-runners Blane Krott (72), Fred Ely (00), and Zach Hamer (7) from starting near the front, and Ely was unable to make repairs to start the feature. Blane Krott would start eleventh. By lap six he had gotten around Dale Hamer (7D) and he would get past Bub Barone (66) the following lap to run fourth. After catching Curt Pastorius, Krott was unable to make much progress until a run-in with a lap car gave him a clear lane to get by for second at lap eleven. By this time however, Dennis Thomas had checked out on the field, opening up nearly half a track gap over second place. Krott would later be disqualified in post-race tech inspection. Dennis Thomas’s win was his first of the season in his first start of the season at SAS.
The Lauterborn Electric Mini Stocks saw a slew of new competitors join in on the fun to bring their car count to fourteen. Newcomer to the speedway Ron Shisler (99) of West Valley would start on pole with Davey Lowe of Eldred, PA making his first appearance in the minis this year starting alongside. The race got off to a rocky start with multiple cautions, one involving Chris Wolcott (58) and the outside retaining wall, which resulted in a red flag as a block of the wall was knocked out from the impact. Once the race got back underway, it was all Ron Shisler who would open up a large gap over second and go on to win his first-ever South Arcade Speedway mini stock feature event. After the races, Bob Kish of Jerge’s Auto Parts made it known that Jerge’s is putting $250 into the mini stock purse for next week, with first and second taking home an extra $100 each and third place taking an extra $50.
The 360 Late Models were on-hand once again, this time with Brian Kotarski (05) and Conlee Giboo (51) giving it a go along with regulars Bill Holmes (8), Carl Shetler (58), and Tom Baker (93B). Their main event seemed to be one of those races that just couldn’t get going. With three cautions in three laps, the racers were told to start single-file for the following restart. A communication issue between race control and Conlee Giboo sent him to the pits. When the race finally got going, it was Brian Kotarski going to the lead. Bill Holmes worked his way into second and would finish there. Kotarski was able to stretch out a sizeable lead using the inside berm of the speedway and would go on to win.
Coming up next week at South Arcade on Nu- Way Sanitation night is a big race for the 600cc Winged Micro Sprints. With no other events planned for the class in NY this weekend, a large car count is expected. The race is drawing a lot of attention as well as sponsorship. The ultra-fast racers will race 25 laps for $300 to win as well as have a $50 to win dash-for-cash among the heat winners. Due to the expected turnout, racing will begin at 7:00pm this week. The following week will be autograph night at the speedway, where fans can meet and greet all of their favorite drivers right down on the frontstretch of the speedway. 
South Arcade Speedway provides affordable family entertainment with admission just $10 and a great selection of reasonably-priced food at “Frank’s Place” behind the grandstand. Racing begins at 7:00pm.   For more information, catch up with South Arcade Speedway on Facebook, at the website, or by phone at (585)293-2780 on weekdays and (716)492-4097 on race day.
South Arcade Speedway – August 13, 2010 – Results
Jerege’s Auto Parts FASTRAK Late Models (20 laps):
1. BOB KISH #5, 2. Garrett Mott #43x, 3. Tom Kemp #28, 4. Adam Sixt #6T, 5. Justin Tatlow #81, 6. Ike Fanton #41, 7. Garrett Stephen #79, 8. Jason Bridge #15, 9. Tim Schram #1s, 10. Damien Bidwell ½ Pint, 11. Wade Mohawk #64, 12. Ron Baker #74.
Insinger Performance E-mods (15 laps):
1. AL BREWER #71, 2. Mike Eschrich #9E, 3. Vic Vena #01, 4. George Ritter #72, 5. Darren Tarabori #6, 6. Carl Ballinger #53, 7. Brian Gillespie #15T, 8. Mike Milford #22, 9. Nathan Hill #38.
Lauterborn Electric Street Stocks (20 laps):
1. JEFF HELLWIG #2H, 2. Tim Bruce #75, 3. John Ellwood #27, 4. Chris Austin #22A, 5. Bruno Mowery #49, 6. David Downs #02, 7. Ron Mogavero #75x, 8. Josh Wilcox #1w, 9. Shane Wolfer #26, 10. Matt Pfalzer #20, 11. Andy Eastman #69, 12. Dan Giboo #8, 13. Sherman Gage #18x, 14. Joe Skinner #69x, 15. Nate Arnold #41, 16. Justin Howard #10, 17. Steve Mowery #48, 18. Mark Green #71, 19. Barry Tingue #46, 20. Pat Powers #53. DNS: Doug Jones #87, Justin Yohe #26x.
Lauterborn Electric Pure Stocks (15 laps):
1. DENNIS THOMAS #48, 2. Curt Pastorius #42, 3. Bud Barone #66, 4. Zach Hamer #7, 5. Dale Hamer #7D, 6. Ed Winans #30, 7. Dan Scharf #16, 8. Jason Ely #1, 9. Tonia Ellwood #27, 10. Rod Winans #74. DNS: Fred Ely #00. DQ: Blane Krott #72.
Lauterborn Electric Mini Stocks (15 laps):
1. RON SHISLER #99, 2. Randy Lanager #18, 3. Davey Lowe #21, 4. Brian Johnson #85, 5. Chris Woodard #97, 6. Riley Ellison #24, 7. Dave Burdick #47, 8. Dan Lockwood #08, 9. Rick McDaniel #26, 10. Richard Kline #23, 11. Sam Fuller #38, 12. Joe Perrin #79, 13. Chris Wolcott #58, 14. Bill Bailey #82.
360 Late Models (15 laps):
1. BRIAN KOTARSKI #05, 2. Bill Holmes #8, 3. Carl Shetler #58, 4. Tom Baker #93B, 5. Conlee Giboo #51.

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