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Classic Car Lovers Unite & Compete with New App!


Classic Car Folks, this is for you!  The ALL NEW MakeModel App is your chance to prove your Classic Car knowledge and challenge your buddies to do the same!



With the all new MakeModel app, you now have a chance to showcase your Classic Car knowledge by competing against other auto enthusiasts in the US and Canada.  With hundreds of classic and muscle cars highligthed in the game, you can play over and over again and see different cars every time!


Keep playing and you may even get a random challenge from the Mayor of Muscleville himself, Dodge ambassador and car collector Bill Goldberg.  Plus, you can challenge all your Classic Car buddies and prove your knowledge is greater than theirs.

So... How strong is YOUR Classic Car knowledge?  You won't know until you play! Go ahead and download the free app now by clicking on your app store link.




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