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Facebook For Race Tracks? Yes, it DOES WORK!


Facebook for race tracks... Yep, IT WORKS... And here's the PROOF of exactly how it can drive awareness for race tracks and direct clicks to their websites!


Example #1:  How Facebook DOES NOT work for tracks:

This is a simple 'Link Post' that we posted to our Facebook Page with over 64,000 fans on July 24th at 2:40 pm.  As you can see, even with that many fans, the post only reached 517 people and it generated only 5 link clicks to our website... Plain and simple, THAT STINKS!

Example #2:  How Facebook CAN WORK for race tracks:

This is a very similiar 'Link Post' posted on the same day at 3:12 pm that we decided to BOOST to a HIGHLY TARGETED group that were within a 2 hour drive of Lakeside Speedway.  As you can see, the results speak for themselves.  But you've probably got one nagging question:


The answer:  LESS THAN $15

That's right... For about the expense of ONE SINGLE ADMISSION TICKET, we had 100 race fans who were within 2 hours of Lakeside Speedway click through to learn more about their upcoming race night! If you'd like more information about how can help YOUR TRACK reach fans for such a low cost, click here.

Think about it... If just ONE OF THOSE 100 RACE FANS comes to the track (typically with 2 or 3 friends), this investment is WELL RETURNED for the track!  JUST ONE!

THE BOTTOM LINE... has perfected the art of driving awareness of race dates for local race tracks! NOW, we want to put this practice to work for ANY TRACK, ANYWHERE in the United States so they can spend their marketing money AS EFFICIENTLY AS POSSIBLE!

To learn more, click here and will be in touch to help you understand how you can increase your reach with more potential fans to #GetInTheStands!


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