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Kish & Perrin Claim First Ever SAS Victories


by Matt Steffenhagen
August 6, 2010 ? Delevan, NY ? For being the first Friday of August, it
was a bit cool at South Arcade Speedway.  The racing however, was as
hot as ever with great racing taking place in all divisions.  Bob Kish
captured his first-ever Jerge?s Auto Parts FASTRAK Late Model feature
win and Joe Perrin claimed his first-ever Lauterborn Electric Mini
Stock win.  Darren Tarabori, Chris Austin, and Blane Krott won in the
E-mods, Street Stocks, and Pure Stocks while Dave Lowe took the win in
the special 25 lap enduro.
In the Lauterborn Electric Street Stock division, Chris Austin (22A)
of Knapp Creek, NY made his first South Arcade Speedway appearance
since early in the 2009 season.  Early race mishaps would cause weekly
front-runners Dan Giboo ( 8 ) and Ron Mogavero (75x) to be out of
contention for much of the race with the two being involved in both of
the first two caution periods of the race.  Once racing resumed, it was
John Ellwood (27) of Centerville going around Chris Austin on the high
side to gain the top spot.  Ellwood would lead much of the event.  Doug
Jones (87) and Josh Wilcox (1w) would come up to challenge Austin while
Ellwood got away out front.  Jones would eventually fade to fourth
while Wilcox would hold on for second.  For the win, it was Chris
Austin inheriting the lead when John Ellwood went pitside with a flat
tire.  Tim Bruce would work his way through the field from thirteenth
to finish third, while Dan Giboo would recover from earlier incidents
to round out the top five.
Following a wild drive in his heat race and a win in a match race
against Bill Holmes? (8) 360 Late Model, Justin Tatlow (81) seemed to
be the man to beat heading into the Jerge?s Auto Parts FASTRAK Late
Model feature event.  However, it would take only two laps for Bob Kish
(5) to establish himself as the man to beat on this night, with Kish
grabbing the lead away at the line on lap two and setting sail on the
field.  Adam Sixt (6T) would work his way from the sixth starting
position to run third by lap three.  Tom Kemp (28) would battle past
Tim Schram (1s) around lap eight, before Schram would fall into the
clutches of Garrett Mott (43x).  Mott and Schram would battle
side-by-side for four laps with Mott eventually getting past Schram at
lap 13.  Nearing the end of the race, Adam Sixt was now beginning to
catch second place Justin Tatlow while out front, Bob Kish was
beginning to catch lap traffic.  In the final two laps, Kish?s lead
diminished entirely after being held up slightly.  Justin Tatlow would
try to take advantage with a divebomb move into turn 1, however he was
unable to make the move stick.  Bob Kish would go on to win his
first-ever FASTRAK Late Model feature.
In the Insinger Performance E-mods, Darren Tarabori (6) of Galeton, PA
would have his Buick V6 powered machine hooked up this night.  Tarabori
and Tim Walden (27W) would lead the field to the green flag in their
main event.  Tarabori would go to the lead while behind him Al Brewer
(71) and Tim Walden would battle side-by-side for nearly the entire
distance of the event.  Tarabori would build up a substantial lead
while the pair raced, but a late-race caution would line up Al Brewer
right on his tail.  Brewer would give Tarabori a run, and certainly
made him work for it, but Darren Tarabori was able to hold off Al
Brewer to take his first feature win of the season.
In the Lauterborn Electric Pure Stock division, father and son duo
Dale Hamer (7D) and Zach Hamer (7) would pace the field.  Zach Hamer
would jump to the lead while  father would try to hold on to second. 
Blane Krott would work past Curt Pastorius to run third before going on
to batter Hamer for second.  Krott was able to get past the elder Hamer
on the high side of turns three and four to take over second place
early in the going.  Krott would then ride behind Zach Hamer to plan
his move.  Hamer and Krott would run nose-to-tail until Krott decided
to take a shot at the  low side of Hamer.  It would take a few
attempts, but Krott would get past Hamer and go on to win, his third of
the season.  Zach Hamer would hold on for second while Curt Pastorius
would finish third.
For much of the season, ?Slammin Sammy? Fuller (38) of Short Tract, NY
has been dominant in the Lauterborn Electric Mini Stock division.  On
this night, Sam Fuller would still show he was a tough competitor,
however he would come up short.  Dan Lockwood (08) and Joe Perrin (79)
would bring the field to the green flag while Fuller would start fifth.
  After not making much progress, Fuller would thread the needle down
the backstraight between Dan Lockwood and Dave Burdick (47) to move
himself from fourth to second in one move.  By lap 11, he was
challenging Perrin for the lead.  Fuller would attempt to pass on the
low side of the speedway while Perrin would keep his momentum up
running the high line.  Fuller would make many attempts to get by until
one of them, entering turn one, backfired on him.  Fuller?s 38 would
slam into the 79 of Perrin going into turn one on the final lap with
Fuller?s car breaking and Perrin motoring on to the win. The win was
Joe Perrin?s first-ever feature victory.
To finish out the night, a 25 lap endure was run.  Former SAS
mini-stock competitors Dave Lowe and Davey Lowe would start out front
followed by mini stock competitor Randy Lanager, Timothy Blarr, Street
Stock racer Matt Pfalzer, and Don Toland.  Dave Lowe would jump out to
the lead, however son Davey?s Pontiac Grand Am would blow smoke and
slow down at the start.  The car would come back to life a few laps
later, allowing the younger of the two Lowes from Eldred, PA to catch
up and battle for the lead.  There was some fender banging between the
two, however it was too much for the Grand Am?s right front tire to
take.  Davey Lowe would limp his car around for the final few circuits
to finish fourth.  Don Toland would finish third, but out front and
leading flag-to-flag was Dave Lowe.
South Arcade Speedway is back in action next Friday night with another
six division race card.  South Arcade Speedway provides affordable
family entertainment with admission just $10 and a great selection of
reasonably-priced food at ?Frank?s Place? behind the grandstand. Racing
begins at 7:30pm.   Don?t miss the special event featuring the 600cc
Micro Sprints coming up on August 20; this race is sure to be a good
one!  For more information, catch up with South Arcade Speedway on
Facebook, at the website, or by phone at
(585)293-2780 on weekdays and (716)492-4097 on race day.
South Arcade Speedway ? August 6, 2010 ? Results:
Jerge?s Auto Parts FASTRAK Late Models (20 Laps):
1. BOB KISH #5, 2. Justin Tatlow #81, 3. Adam Sixt #6T, 4. Wade Mohawk
#64, 5. Tom Kemp #28, 6. Garrett Mott #43x, 7. Jason Bridge #15, 8. Tim
Schram #1s, 9. Garrett Stephen #79, 10. Ron Baker #74, 11. Ike Fanton
Heat Winners: Adam Sixt, Justin Tatlow.
Insinger Performance E-mods (15 laps):
1. DARREN TARABORI #6, 2. Al Brewer #71, 3. Tim Walden #27W, 4. Carl
Ballinger #53, 5. George Ritter #72, 6. Brian Gillespie #15T.
Heat Winner: Al Brewer.
Lauterborn Electric Street Stocks (15 laps):
1. CHRIS AUSTIN #22A, 2. Josh Wilcox #1w, 3. Tim Bruce #75, 4. Doug
Jones #87, 5. Dan Giboo #8, 6. Paul Davies #17D, 7. Andy Eastman #69,
8. David Downs #02, 9. Justin Yohe #26, 10. Justin Myers #10, 11. Joe
Chamberlain #46, 12. John Ellwood #27, 13. Ron Mogavero #75x, 14. Pat
Powers #53, 15. Nate Arnold #41.
Heat Winners: Doug Jones, Ron Mogavero.
Lauterborn Electric Pure Stocks (15 laps):
1. BLANE KROTT #72, 2. Zach Hamer #7, 3. Curt Pastorius #42, 4. Dale
Hamer #7D, 5. Bud Barone #66, 6. Ed Winans #30, 7. Tonia Ellwood #27. 
DNS: Rod Winans #74.
Heat Winner: Zach Hamer.
Lauterborn Electric Min Stocks (15 laps):
1. JOE PERRIN #79, 2. Dan Lockwood #08, 3. Dave Burdick #47, 4. Riley
Ellison #24, 5. Sam Fuller #38, 6. Randy Lanager #18.
Heat Winner: Sam Fuller.
Enduro (25 laps):
1. DAVE LOWE #2, 2. Randy Lanager #10, 3. Don Toland #1, 4. Davey Lowe
#21, 5. Matt Pfalzer #20, 6. Timothy Blarr #17.


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