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Steve Dixon Ends Tatlow Win Streak in FASTRAK LM at South Arcade Speedway


by Matt Steffenhagen
Delevan, NY- In the return of the Jerge?s Auto Parts FASTRAK Late
Models after a week off, it was newcomer to the division Steve Dixon of
Smethport, PA taking the win over previously undefeated competitor
Justin Tatlow.  Richard Michael would win the E-mod feature, while Doug
Jones would score his second win of the season in the street stocks. 
Fred Ely and Sam Fuller would win in the pure stocks and mini stocks,
respectively.  With a sprinkle of rain midway through the feature
events, the show was moved along rather quickly with all of the
features taking just over an hour to complete from start to finish.
Two drivers in the Jerge?s Auto Parts FASTRAK Late Model division made
their South Arcade Speedway debut this night; Steve Dixon (50) and the
½ Pint of Damien Bidwell.  Bidwell would win his heat and start on the
pole for the main event.  Although these two drivers hadn?t visited the
speedway yet this season, in the start of the main they would establish
themselves as the ones to beat.  Bidwell would go to the early lead
with Dixon getting past Tom Kemp (28) to run second.  Dixon and Bidwell
would race side-by-side for the top spot with Dixon finally making his
move stick and going to the lead at lap 10.  Winner of the opening two
races, Justin Tatlow (81) was now working his way to the front with
Tatlow clearing Bidwell at lap 14.  Tatlow would make a few attempts to
get past Dixon, almost stealing the lead away at lap 18, however Dixon
was able to keep smooth and put a gap behind himself late in the going.
  Bob Kish (5) would attempt to take over third from Bidwell before
Bidwell would break away and challenge Tatlow for second with two laps
to go.  In the end, it was Steve Dixon taking the win over Justin
Tatlow and Damien Bidwell.
In what seemed to be an ?off night? for the Insinger Performance E-mod
division point leader John Woodward Jr. (18), regional front runner
Richard Michael (17x) would make his return to South Arcade.  Starting
sixth in the main, Michael would have the 17x hooked up off turn two to
run all the way to third by the end of the backstretch on the first
lap.  He would then go to work on Al Brewer (71) to grab away second at
lap 3.  Out front however, it was TJ Downs (03) setting the pace early
in the going.  Downs would give Michael a strong run for the race lead
until his car started going away.  Rich Michael would get past for the
lead at lap 9 and set sail on the field with Downs parking his car at
lap 10.  Mike Eschrick (9E) would make a run from the seventh starting
position to finish third at race end.  Al Brewer would hold on for
second with Rich Michael taking the win.
Tim Bruce (75) and Bruno Mowery (49) would lead the Lauterborn Electric
Street Stocks to the green flag for their 20 lap feature event.  Mowery
would go to the lead with Ron Mogavero (75x) moving up to second by lap
4.  Following a restart, Mowery and Mogavero would trade the top spot
until Mogavero would get by at lap 6.  Mogavero would experience
mechanical problems however, exiting the track during a lap 9 caution. 
Following a couple of restarts, opening night feature winner Doug Jones
(87) would be scored second with Art Peterson(5) coming from the back
of the pack to third.  John Ellwood would get past Peterson on lap 14. 
The following lap, Bruno Mowery would spin to the inside of the
speedway handing the lead over to Doug Jones.  Ellwood would do nearly
the same move on lap 16, rejoining Mowery at the back of the pack.  Out
front at the end it was Doug Jones taking home his second feature win
of the season followed by Art Peterson and Tim Bruce.
In the Lauterborn Electric Mini Stocks, Sam Fuller (38) would do a
repeat performance of the week  before, taking the win over Riley
Ellison (24) and Dan Lockwood (08).  Dave Burdick (47) would lead much
of the event before exiting the track early with mechanical issues. 
Also for the second week in a row, Fred Ely (00) would take the win in
the Lauterborn Electric Pure Stocks.  Blane Krott and Curt Pastorius
would battle back-and-forth for second for much of the race, however
Pastorius would later be disqualified in post-race tech, handing third
to Zach Hamer (7).
South Arcade Speedway will be back in action again next week with
another ?Super Six? show featuring the Jerge?s Auto Parts FASTRAK Late
Models, the Insinger Performance TSMA E-mods, the Lauterborn Electric
Street Stocks, the Lauterborn Electric Mini Stocks, the Lauterborn
Electric Pure Stocks, and the Insinger Racing Alcohol DIRTcar Sprints. 
The following week, June 18, will be a special event featuring the cars
and stars of the UEMS E-mods.  For more information, catch up with
South Arcade Speedway on Facebook, at the website, or by phone at (585)293-2780 on weekdays
and (716)492-4097 on race day.

South Arcade Speedway June 4, 2010 Results

Jerge?s Auto Parts FASTRAK Late Models (25 laps):
1. STEVE DIXON #50, 2. Justin Tatlow #81, 3. Damien Bidwell #1/2, 4.
Bob Kish #5, 5. Adam Sixt #6T, 6. John Lacki #7, 7. Ike Fanton #41, 8.
Tim Schram #1s, 9. Tom Kemp #28, 10. Wade Mohawk #64, 11. Garrett
Stephen #79, 12. Ron Baker #74.
Heat Winners: Damien Bidwell, Tom Kemp.

Insinger Performance TSMA E-mods (20 laps):
1. RICH MICHAEL #17x, 2. Al Brewer #71, 3. Mike Eschrick #9E, 4. George
Ritter #72, 5. Carl Ballinger #53, 6. Nathan Hill #38, 7. #03 TJ Downs,
8. John Woodward Jr. #18, 9. Darren Tarabori #6.
Heat Winners: TJ Downs, Rich Michael.

Lauterborn Electric Street Stocks (20 laps):
1. DOUG JONES #87, 2. Art Peterson #5, 3. Tim Bruce #75, 4. JD
Chamberlain #46, 5. David Downs #02, 6. Matt Pfalzer #20, 7. John
Ellwood #27, 8. Bruno Mowery #49, 9. Julio Padilla #68, 10. Matt Bove
#91, 11. Ron Mogavero #75x.  DNS: Pat Powers #53, Dan Giboo #8.
Heat Winners: Ron Mogavero, John Ellwood.

Lauterborn Electric Pure Stocks (15 laps):
1. FRED ELY #00, 2. Blane Krott #72, 3. Zach Hamer #7, 4. Dale Hamer
#7D, 5. Tonia Ellwood #27.  DQ: Curt Pastorius #42.
Heat winner: Fred Ely.

Lauterborn Electric Mini Stocks (15 laps):
1. SAM FULLER #38, 2. Riley Ellison #24, 3. Dan Lockwood #82, 4. Stacy
Sturdevant #55, 5. Dave Burdick #47. 
Heat Winner: #47 Dave Burdick.


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