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4/21/18 Community Night Race Results


Results for the 4/21 Community Night Races are as follows:

Tooley Real Estate and Auctions Late Models:
Winner-Logan Martin
2nd-Robby Moore
3rd-Chris Jones
4th-Scott Crigler
5th-Kaleb Stolba

Holiday Inn Express IMCA Modifieds: 
Winner-Brandon Walsh
2nd-Rustin Miller
3rd-Chanley Purtteman
4th-Kevin Collins
5th-Tyler Newcom

Reliable Chevrolet USRA B-Mods:
Winner-Chris Ratterree
2nd-Brandon Baldridge
3rd-Justin Rigel
4th-Jerry Croney
5th-Kaden Miller

Mayfield Auto Repair Super Stocks:
Winner-Bobby Bryant
2nd-Jessie Shearin
3rd-Derald Kelly
4th-Becky Alford
5th-Austin Vincent

Checkered Flag Truck Repair Hobby Stock:
Winner-Ben Piper
2nd-Darren Fox
3rd-Kaleb Herring
4th-Chuck Russell
5th-Matt Stanley

Domino's Pizza Bone Stock:
Winner-Davey Chaney
2nd-Billy Phillips
3rd-Robbie Underwood
4th-Chris Evans

We would like to apologize for the lack of photos of the winners and trophy awarding ceremony. With the forecast being very ominous, we wanted to make sure that we completed all of the classes before the rain started. We will be getting photos in the near future though, so be on the lookout for them! Thank you to everyone, racers and spectators alike, who came out tonight to support the Community Night! We hope that you had as great of a time as we did!

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