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Sixt, Vena, Michael, Mowery, Pastorius and Mitchell Victorious asSouth Arcade Speedway Opens the 2011 Season


 by Charlie Langlois
May 21, 2011 - Delevan, NY- It was FOAR Score Fan Club, Armed Forces night
as South Arcade Speedway opened the 2011 season on Saturday May 21 as Adam
Sixt captured the Fastrak Late Models and Vic Vena was victorious in the
Pangrazio Mac Tools E-Mods. Andy Michael (Street Stocks), Steve Mowery (D &
H Mini Horse Pull Team Mini Stocks), Curt Pastorius (Arcade Tractor Supply
Pure Stocks) and Larry Mitchell (Enduro) rounded out the feature winners.
In the Fastrak Late Model feature, Adam Sixt and Junior Peters brought the
field down to green as Sixt took the lead at the start. As the front duo
came around to complete lap 2, Peters powered by Sixt to take the point but
Sixt returned the favor and grabbed the top spot back on lap 3.
The front pair began to pull away from the field and put on a crowd pleasing
duel with Sixt of Sardinia able to hold off the hard charging Peters the
rest of the way for his first win of 2011. "Both the top and the bottom of
the racetrack were equal in the first half of the race but the top became
the fast way around at the end", stated Sixt in victory lane. Peters had to
settle for a well deserved second while Brad Mesler and TJ Downs completed
the top four.
The Pangrazio Mac Tools E-Mods start found Vic Vena jump out front with Josh
Pangrazio in tow. Vena could not shake Pangrazio and the pair raced wheel to
wheel lap after lap.
With the white flag flying, Vena and Pangrazio flashed by starter Curtis
Peters' glued together. As they headed down the backstretch and into turn
three for the final time, Pangrazio made one last ditch effort to slide
under Vena.
Pangrazio's bold move was all for naught as he lost the handle and spun.
This allowed Vena of Shinglehouse, PA. to power off turn four uncontested
for the feature win. Defending track champion Carl Ballinger grabbed the
runner-up slot and Pangrazio kept his car under power to cross the line
Polesitter Andy Michael led as the green flag waved in the Street Stock
feature as Bruno Mowery, Barry Tingue, Dan Giboo and Jeff Hellwig completed
the top five.
Mowery put the pressure on Michael for four circuits but on lap 5, Michael
started to open up some distance on Mowery and the field. As Mowery ran in
second, Giboo grabbed third from Tingue one lap later.
Michael was on cruise control but the Giboo and Tingue show would continue
the rest of the way with Tingue able to retake third in the closing laps.
Michael of Allegheny would lead wire to wire for a commanding win over
Mowery as Tingue, Giboo and Hellwig completed the top five.
Fast Fred Ely took command of the Arcade Tractor Supply Pure Stocks from his
number one starting spot but it was former track champion Curt Pastorius who
grabbed the lead the first time into turn one. Pastorius and Ely pulled away
from the pack as Ely looked high and low for a way around Pastorius.
After a multi-lap side by side fight, Ely took the lead on lap 7. As Ely
garnered the top spot, Mike Ely brought out the caution. Going back to the
last completed lap allowed Pastorius the preferred high line on the double
file restart.
Pastorius would re-assume command on the ensuing green and the two would
battle the rest of the way with Pastorius out of Rushford able to hold off
the advances of Ely to capture the win. Ely took a hard fought second
followed by Dale Hamer, Jason Evans and Rod Winans.
Kyle Babcock took the point at the commencement of the the D & H Mini Horse
Pull Team 4 cylinder feature while Dave Burdick, Steve Mowery, Rick Bump and
Dan Lockwood ran in positions two through five.
Burdick took over the number one position on lap 2 but the lead changed
hands again on lap 3 as Mowery bolted out front. The lead swap was not about
to end as Babcock overtook Mowery on lap 6 as Bump, Burdick and Riley
Ellison raced hard for third.
Babcock and Mowery set a blistering pace and turned the race into a two car
battle. The torrid speeds were too much for Babcock and the leader got a
right rear flat on lap 12. This allowed Mowery to once again take control
and the Portville resident took down the win over Bump, Ellison, Burdick and
Randy Lanager.
The Enduro featured a battle right down to the wire as Larry Mitchell of
Smethport, PA. edged Joe Boyland for the win and the guaranteed spot in the
Black Rock Speedway Big One $10,000 to Win Enduro in November.
South Arcade Speedway is back in action on Saturday June 25 with a five-star
program of Fastrak Late Models, Pangrazio-Mac Tools E-Mods, Street Stocks,
Arcade Tractor Supply Company Pure Stocks and the D&H Mini Horse Pull Team 4
Cylinder Mini Stocks. There will be bike races for the kids and a bike
giveaway. The show starts at 6:00 pm.
South Arcade Feature Events
Fastrak Late Models (15 laps) - ADAM SIXT, Junior Peters, Brad Mesler, TJ
Downs. Heat Winner- Peters
Pangrazio-Mac Tools E-Mods (15 laps) - VIC VENA, Carl Ballinger, Josh
Pangrazio. Heat Winner-Vena
Street Stocks (20 laps)- ANDY MICHAEL, Bruno Mowery, Barry Tingue, Daniel
Giboo, Jeff Hellwig, Rick Hemphill, Joe Chamberlin, Ted Mascho, Butch
Jackson, Andy Eastman, Josh Wilcox, DNS- Ron Budinger, Kevin Dzuroff, Brian
Patterson Jr. Heat Winners- Michael, Mowery.
D&H Mini Horse Pull Team 4 Cylinder Mini Stocks (15 laps)- STEVE MOWERY,
Rick Bump, Riley Ellison, Dave Burdick, Randy Lanager, Dwayne Powers, Dave
Lowe, Kyle Babcock, Josh Fuller, Dan Lockwood, Richard Kline, George
Quintenna, Chris Paar. Heat Winners- Mowery, Babcock.
Arcade Tractor Supply Company Pure Stocks (15 laps)- CURT PASTORIUS, Fred
Ely, Jason Evans, Dale Hamer, Rod Winans, Mike Ely, Dan Scharf, DNS- Dana
Speta. Heat Winners- Hamer, Ely.
Enduro (20 laps) - LARRY MITCHELL, Joe Boylan, Davey Lowe, Mitch Boylan,
Darrin Schauer, Don Toland.


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