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Interest in Grassroots Racing Grows 40% in 2014 With Great Opportunities Ahead in 2015


Fans enjoy great racing at Ark-La-Tex Speedway

Interest in grassroots racing CONTINUES TO GROW as race fans seek great racing and a great family experiences at race tracks across the nation!

As the only interactive and socially engaged resource connecting every race fan with any racer, anywhere and more than 1,300 race tracks across the United States, RacingIn®.com is proud to report that in 2014, race fans connected with the grassroots of racing through the site over 40% more than they did in 2013.  In total, during nearly 1 MILLION visits, race fans reviewed 2.6 MILLION PAGES of information relating directly to local race tracks across the United States! 

In total, this increase in activity by people affectionately referred to by thesite as ‘Fans of Fast’ led the founder of RacingIn®.com, Scott Kosak, to declare, “While some tracks in some areas continue to struggle, for a 7th consecutive year, we've seen significantly strong double digit growth in the number of race fans looking for MORE great racing all across the United States.”

Growth Across the United States

The growth in interest in local racing seen at RacingIn®.com was not confined to traditionally popular southern or Midwest states, either.  In fact nearly every region of the United States was represented by states with nearly 50% or greater increases in traffic to RacingIn®.com, including North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, South Carolina, Oregon, Kansas, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, New Hampshire, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Wyoming.

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Here's a bit more detail on how race fans used RacingIn®.com to find race tracks and race dates across the United States in 2014:

  • Individual track profiles were viewed just under 1 MILLION times in 2014.
  • The RacingIn®.com State Track Map pages were viewed over 210,000 times in 2014, primarily by race fans who were looking for race tracks where they planned to travel
  • The ‘Find Race Dates’ page, the most viewed page on the entire site, was used by more than 300 different tracks to post race dates throughout the year for race fans to find

Track maps like this, of the area around Pittsburgh, help traveling race fans find racing.

Turning Increased Interest into Successful Operations

While RacingIn®.com has seen continued growth in traffic totaling 170% over the last 3 years, the reality is that this interest in local racing doesn’t necessarily ensure success, as explained by Kosak. “There are tracks that are closing all over the United States and I get calls from race fans and race tracks all the time asking how this can be if there's indeed greater interest. There’s no easy answer to that question other than to recognize that there are just so many entertainment choices for people now.  The tracks that recognize this and find new ways to invite in more fans are having the greatest success."

That’s the logic behind RacingIn®.com. While many industry resources help tracks focus on continuing to keep current fans engaged, RacingIn®.com focuses on helping expose grass roots racing to MORE FANS, reaching out to people who may not know that a local track exists near them.  Kosak explained, "Many times fans who might have traditionally loved NASCAR but who can't afford the time to watch an entire race or the expense to travel to a race weekend at a large track might not realize there are local tracks close by that host racing for 25 or 30 weeks a year!"  Several comments on posts at the site's social media page reinforce this with one fan posting about Tri-State Speedway in Pocola, OK, "What part of Oklahoma is it? Never heard of it.”   Yet another fan posted in regards to Kingsport Speedway in Tennessee, “I Live an hour from this track and never been yet”.

The front stretch at Tri-State Spedway in Pocola, OK

Moving into 2015 and towards the spring when race tracks will begin to awaken across the nation, RacingIn®.com will continue to work towards connecting MORE FANS with MORE FAST at the local race tracks that make up the grassroots of racing in the United States!  To keep updates about local racing across the United States flowing to your InBox, add your email address here:

About RacingIn®.com

RacingIn® is the only socially engaged race track and racer directory that has been actively working as a resource to millions of grassroots race fans to connect them with great racing across the United States since 2009. As a free promotional tool for every race track in the directory, RacingIn®.com also allows every track that desires to grow it’s audience to control it’s own profile so that more race fans can take note of their events.  With a focus on engaging grassroots race fans, RacingIn®.com also serves as the only place where sponsors seeking direct engagement with the collective audience of grassroots race fans can do so through a single unified platform including over 1,300 race tracks and nearly 3,000 racers. 

For  more information about RacingIn®.com, please call Left Turn Marketing, Inc. at 630-369-1664 or email Scott Kosak directly at Scott@RacingIn®.com

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