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UserName: springer61

Real Name: Brad Springer

Hometown: hudson, IN

Tracks Where I Race: all over

Non-Racing Hobbies: racing


Classes I've Raced: mod ,late modal ,street stocks,pro stocks

Classes I Currently Race: mod

My Personal Website:

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2010      Finished 1st in USA Modified Points

               1 feature wins

               2 heat race wins

               10 top five finishes

               15 top ten finishes

               4 fast qualifiers

               Qualified top 6 in 15 out of 20 races

               Won the USA modified champion ship


2009       Finished 5th in USA Modified Points

                2 feature wins

                4 heat race wins

                6 top five finishes

                12 top ten finishes

                2 fast qualifiers

                Qualified top 6 in 12 out of 19 races

                Won the Winchester Run for the Gun Race

                Set new track record at Winchester Speedway


2008       Finished 9th in USA Modified Points

                2 feature wins

                3 heat race wins

                10 top five finishes

                12 top ten finishes

                5 fast qualifiers

                Qualified top 6 in 12 out of 18 races

                Drove cars for Randy Mosley and Gregg Campbell 2nd half of season

                Drove Randy Mosley’s dirt modified at Montpelier Speedway twice

2007       Finished 4th in USA Modified Points

                3 feature wins

                2 heat race wins

                9 top five finishes

                20 top ten finishes

                2 fast qualifiers

                Qualified top 6 in 13 out of 26 races

                Received USA Modified Series Perfect Attendance Award

                Received the Hard Luck Award at ORP on 8/11/07 for leading most of the race then dropping      out with a flat tire.

2006       Finished 4th in USA Modified Points

                Led the series points for 4 weeks straight

                2 heat race wins

                4 top five finishes

                13 top ten finishes

                2 fast qualifiers

                Qualified top 6 in 12 out of 18 races

                Received TNT Racing Sportsmanship Award

                Received TNT Racing Driver of the Year Award

2005       Finished 10th in USA Modified Points

                2 feature wins

                1 heat race win

                5 top five finishes

                11 top ten finishes

                1 fast qualifier

                Received Dedication Award from USA Modified Series due to coming back after a serious wreck               at IRP and finishing season out.

2004       Ran part-time between USA Series and AMS Series

                Did not run for points

                1 feature win

                4 heat race wins

                4 top five finishes

                8 top ten finishes

2003       Finished 10th in USA Modified Points

                3 heat race wins

                1 top five finish

                5 top ten finishes

1990 – 2002 Bio Info also available.

2002       Finished 9th in USA Modified Points

                2 heat race wins

                2 top five finishes

                5 top ten finishes

2001       Ran only part-time in series due to major mechanical problems.

2000       Finished 15th in USA Modified Points

                6 top ten finishes

1999       Finished 9th in INCAR Series Points

                6 top five finishes

                7 top ten finishes

1998       Finished 9th in INCAR Series Points

                Received Rookie of the Year Award in the INCAR Series

                Received Best Dressed Crew Award in the INCAR Series

                2 feature wins

                9 top ten finishes

                Qualified 6 times in the top five and 19 times in the top ten.

                Set new track record at Sandusky Speedway

1997       Won the Track Championship at M-40 Speedway in Jones, MI

                3 feature wins

                Set the track record 4 times

                Fastest qualifier 15 times

                15 top ten finishes

                Competed in 4 INCAR Series races and finished each in the top five.

                Received Family of the Year Award in the INCAR Series

                Won the Michigan Cup

1996       Competed in some INCAR Series races

                Raced at Angola Speedway, Michigan Ideal Speedway, Spartan Speedway, Kalamazoo Speedway,           Salem Speedway, Anderson Speedway, and Mt. Lawn Speedway.

                Finished 3rd in point championship at Galesburg Speedway

                Won several heat races

1995       Finished 8th in points in Modified class at Angola Speedway

                Won several heat races

1994       Finished 3rd in points in Modified class at Angola Speedway

                8 top ten finishes

1993       Competed at local tracks in a Late Model and Pro Stock

                Finished 9th in points in Pro Stock class at Avilla Speedway

1992       Finished 4th in points in Late Model class at Angola Speedway

                1 feature win

                5 top ten finishes

1991       Finished 3rd in points in Pro Stock class at Angola Speedway

                Rookie of the Year Award at Angola Speedway

                3 feature wins

1990       Finished 2nd in points in Street Stock class at Angola Speedway

                Rookie of the Year Award at Angola Speedway

                Won first feature race in career

                Fastest qualifier on several occasions

                Held track record at Angola Speedway all year

                Began racing career at the age of 15



Primary Ride

2006 mod

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114 W. Wabash St., P.O. Box 116, Hudson, IN 46747 C: (260) 667-4615


Who:  Brad Springer, Stacey Springer, Paul Springer, Donna Springer

What:  A traveling auto racing team that competes in the ranks of the Open-Wheel Modifieds.  A fast and wild division of auto racing that has grown enormously in popularity over the last few years, mostly attributed to the fact that this division offers very fast, on the edge, heart-pounding action with every lap.

When:  The typical race season can last from mid April through the month of October, depending on what series the team is following.

Where:  An Open-Wheel Modified team can compete in many different series.  The local, regional, and national levels differentiate these series.  With the amount available to win increasing substantially as your progress through the levels, as well as the amount of capital needed to compete at each level.

How:  With sponsorship support of businesses such as yours, a race team can compete at each level with different degrees of competitiveness.  Ideal sponsors for the local level would be restaurants, auto parts stores, service stations, etc….  These businesses will benefit from local exposure to the people that frequent their establishments.  Sponsors that would be suitable to compete at the regional level would be industry, casinos, tourism sites, lodging (hotels, campgrounds), racing industry businesses.  These types of businesses will benefit from the exposure given to them by reaching out beyond their community, to those who aren’t familiar with the nature of their business, their location, or the quality of their product.  The traditional national level sponsors are big business, major chains, and brand names, (i.e. Pepsi, Coke, IBM, etc.)  However the same businesses that are at the two lower levels of competition can still benefit from the national level as well.

Why:  Businesses choose to sponsor race teams for many different reasons.  The biggest being for the exposure that the business will receive each and every time the team competes.  Some of the other advantages that sponsors have mentioned include:  employee morale, entertaining clientele, and introducing product lines or services directly to the user or consumer.


What is an Open-Wheel Modified?

Open-Wheel Modifieds are specially designed racecars that compete on dirt or asphalt racetracks.  They are very light, unrestricted machines that produce heart stopping door to door racing action and continually draw very large crowds to the tracks at which they compete across the country.

What does sponsorship involve?

There are many different ways that a business can sponsor a team, whether it is with product support, equipment supply, or financial assistance.  Product support would be along the lines of supplying useful consumables such as oil, fuel, tires, etc.  Equipment supply would consist of allowing the team to use items belonging to the sponsor such as engines, truck & trailer, tools, etc.  And finally there is a financial support, which is very crucial to the existence of many race teams.  Sponsors and teams would come to an agreement on the amount of cost involved in operating for a season and the sponsor would then help the team with those expenses.

How is Racecar sponsorship as good as or better than the big 3, (radio, TV or print)?

If the potential sponsor’s aim is to build and maintain product or service name recognition and consumer loyalty, studies show that putting that product or service name on the side of a racecar is much more effective because potential customers (race fans) are actively seeking out this information.  What’s the first thing your eyes go to on a racecar, the graphics and sponsor’s name.  On the other hand, how many people do you know who say, “I must watch this TV ad?  Or listen to this radio commercial.”  Quite the opposite, most people “tune out” this type of advertising.  To combat this problem TV ads have gotten much more exotic with the use of special effects, as well as much more expensive.  This commitment to racing is a means of building name recognition for your product or service.  A company standing alone in the spotlight of a car sponsorship will get much more recognition from the consumer than being just another 30 second spot on radio or TV.  Demographic studies have also shown that the car/sponsor association will last much longer than say (40) 30 second TV ads.  Also TV  ads seem to stick in your mind about 2 minutes tops and that car that won last month, or last year for that matter, sill sticks in your mind.  As one of the teams sponsors you may also utilize your advertising on the Team transporters and numerous pictures and film clips that end up everywhere, in racing magazines, television highlights, and even local newspapers.  All for less than the cost of one 30 second TV spot.  And you would pay an additional fee to run that ad during a prime time event, such as one of our races.

As with any advertising opportunity, advertising utilizing a racing team is just as much a matter of properly matching corporate objectives and goals to event patron demographics, as it is meeting and matching corporate goals and objectives.  Motorsports can accomplish that for an advertiser because many of our events are still relatively uncluttered when it comes to getting out your marketing communications message.  Your message hooks in directly to fans dedicated to the event and appreciative of your sponsorship thereof.  It yields qualified sales leads, and it establishes an aura of community goodwill that is hard to beat!

Racing comes in all shapes and sizes, and auto racing is not only a huge opportunity, but also often a misunderstood one.  Marketers must realize that advertisements are not just a permit to hand a banner at a track or on a trailer.  Leveraging the advertisement is critical, whether accomplished with premium giveaways and sweepstakes to build customer databases or with charitable cause tie-ins to strengthen community goodwill.  First class hospitality at a first-class event that customers and employees will appreciate with future enthusiasm and business opportunities, or media exposure in events that are tailor-made for television cameras, giving your well placed, well designed, banner or signage real pop to hundreds of thousands of people.

I would like to draw your interest to this proposal by pointing out the many qualities of a race fan.  Demographically they are a hard to group, due to the fact that they come from every facet of our society.  The chances are very good that if you surveyed 100 people in your company you will find many race fans, in different stages.  Race fans do have one thing in common….DEDICATION!  They will sit in the rain for hours hoping a race will be able to succeed, this is after they have driven sometimes 400 miles to get there.  Fans also notice who does and does not sponsor racing.  They are very protective of those who do sponsor, and will go more than out of their way to support them.

So…How can we work together?

We will start by displaying your company’s name and logo to several thousand LOCAL AND ATTENTIVE prospective customers/consumers on a weekly basis.  Your message will not be tuned out because the potential customer comes to our events with the specific intention of looking at cars race other cars.  Your message won’t be the commercial break…it will be part of the show.

As per demographics, your message will consistently reach lower middle to middle to upper middle class families, including (sometimes especially) women.  NASCAR’s studies are right…over 50% of racing’s fan base is female (look around in the stands this spring and you’ll see).  As our team sponsor you will also have the use of our cars and teams for events such as sales, Grand openings or event related promotions.  Or maybe let the employee of the month hang around in the pits with us.  Think of as many ideas and promotions that you can, and we are willing to work together to apply this to your sponsorship program.

There is a ton of ways to get the attention of a potential customer.  These are just a few and there are probably hundreds of better ideas out there as well.  As our sponsor we will work together with you to develop the best ways to combine your team with ours to create an awesome marketing machine.

In Closing:

We have many different ways that we would like to work with you to increase your company’s visibility as well as the traffic to your business.  We can also provide virtually unlimited merchandising and promotional opportunities.  The Brad Springer Racing Team will work strongly, positively, and professionally to represent you and your company at public, social and business gatherings.  The results, press releases, driver and sponsor information will be posted on the series website or local track website along with the team’s personal website, 

Fan Participation:

We have found in the past that when you include the fan in your team, then the fan stays with you through thick and thin.  This is why we make it our policy to stay after the races to spend time with the fans, let the kids sit in the car, give away T-shirts, coupons, hats, flyers, pamphlets and just plain mingle.  When we gain a fan, we try to make a friend, and we will tell our friends about the support we get from you and your business.  As well as show these fans and friends the types of products, quality, service or entertainment they will receive when they choose to support our sponsors as they have supported our team.

I would love to discuss this in detail with you.  We are open for any suggestions you may have to help both our teams succeed.  So we can work together to combine our efforts and form…A championship winning race team as well as a Motorsports Marketing success.

Thank you,


Brad Springer