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UserName: robbyspino

Real Name: Robby

Hometown: Leland, NC

Tracks Where I Race: New Dublin Motor Speedway, Fayetteville Motor Speedway


Classes I've Raced: jr. 1, jr. 2, jr.3, jr. spt. champ, jr champ, jr. slingshot, senior slingshot, 750cc sprints, open wheel dirt modified

Classes I Currently Race: open wheel dirt modified

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                My racing career started when i was eight years old in Shelton, Connecticut, in the junior 1 class. Since then i have progressed through the various go kart classes and moved up to a slingshot after various wins and championships at two tracks, the Richard L. Shelton speedway, the Oakland Valley Race Park dirt oval and one WKA northeast series championship. In the slingshot I racked up 8 wins in a row and after a minor setback I went back to racing karts at Whip City speedway during the day and observing the sprint cars at night. At the end of the 2007 season I was put into a sprint car in the sportsman class and came from the back of a twenty car field to finish in the top five. In 2008 I continued racing the sprint car and won five races and the championship in my division, I was also awarded rookie of the year. Shortly after the end of the season my family and I moved to North Carolina, within 2 weeks I found a ride in the Open Wheel Dirt Modified class at the New Dublin Motor Speedway for the 2009 season. In 2009 I finished top five just about every week and gained valuable seat time in a full sized dirt car, I finished 5th in points even thought I missed 4 races.
            In 2010 I plan to race in the Open Wheel Dirt Modified full time from March to October while racing a Late Model when I get a chance, and when my season is over I will be racing as one of thirty full time drivers in the caged heat racing series all over the United States October through February.

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