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UserName: petskaracing

Real Name: nick petska

Hometown: spring grove, IL

Tracks Where I Race: wilmot raceway, beaver dam raceway, sycamore speedway, 141 speedway, plymouth dirt track

Non-Racing Hobbies: hunting, outdoors, snowmobiling


Classes I've Raced: 4 cylinders, mini-modifieds, rascal outlaw sprints, street stocks, 1200 mini sprints

Classes I Currently Race: 1200 mini sprints

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new car, finished painting and installed the body

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 I started racing in 2003 at Wilmot raceway in the 4 cylinder class. I won 1 feature that season and ended up 2nd in the points standings by only 3 points to the champ. 2004 i took the year off.

2005 brought me up to the street stocks at wilmot raceway. This is a year that I would like to forget in my racing career. 1st night out I flipped the car due a axle shearing off. Then had engine troubles the rest of the races that I tried to compete in. Sold that car, was going to call it quits. Then I started racing in KIRL for the 2005-06 season at Chicago Indoor Racing.

I went into KIRL not knowing one single person there, not even Dr. 2th who organizes this group of racers. Ran well right from the start with all the big time racers at KIRL. Then Dr. 2th came over and introduced himself to me and we started talking racing. He asked what my plans were for 2006, and I told him nothing. Had sold all my racing stuff and was going to just be a bleacher bum. 2th said no you aren't, you're coming to lake geneva and I will let you try out one of my mini-modifieds. I must have impressed him on the first night in the car, because I became super-sub for whoever couldn't make it to drive his cars. I actually won features in every car I super-subbed for. Then his friend Glenn gave me a car and engine to use for the rest of year. I won 2 features at Lake Geneva Raceway in their final season of racing.

2007 brought me to running mini modifieds again. Except with Lake Geneva Raceway being gone, we traveled to Grundy County Speedway in Morris, Il. 2007 was a good year in the mini mods, winning a lot of features. Actually only lost two races that year. 1 was an accident when another car spun in front of me, and the other race I finished 2nd. Thank you Dr. 2th and Glenn for the cars and engines, it was a lot of fun and got my back into what i love doing.

2008 brought me to my rookie year in the Wisconsin/Illinois Mini Sprints.  This also was a rough year. I ran very well when the car wasn't blowing up engines. I had a 100 point lead in the rookie of the year standings when I lost my 3rd engine of the season. With the 3rd engine going out the window, my wallet was empty and I was done for the season. 

2009 WIMS mini sprints once again. I was determined this year. Switched to a whole new engine package and was a real threat for the championship. I won several heat races, and 2 features that year. I finished 2nd in points and came up 29 points short to the champion that year, but I was really happy to complete 100% of the races. I also subbed in for Dr. 2th with his mini-mods a few times. So it was back to pavement. It was like I had never left, won another feature. The next time I sub drove, I wrecked 2th's freshly redone mini mod due to someone running out of talent in front of me. I told 2th I wanted to retire from mini mod racing while my win percentage is over 50%. I might not be able to stay away forever though!

2010 WIMS mini sprints. The season went really well once again. I won several heat races, but did not get a feature win. I had 3 dnf's that bit me this season. I ended up 3rd in the points due to the dnf's.

2011 Didn't go as we had planned. We won 2 features, 1 at wilmot raceway, 1 at plymouth dirt track. We missed most of the season due to nasty flip at beaver dam raceway. We got tangled up in someone elses mistake, and destroyed the car. We rebuilt from scratch and got back out for the last two races of the year. Plymouth (where we won first night back out) and Peoria for the mini sprint nationals. Every race last year we were very fast, and ran up front every week. Had some issuses with cluthes, but we got a handle on that problem.

2012 looks to be a very good year for Petska Racing. We have a lot things looking up for a change with the racing program. Hope we can have clean safe season, and not tangled up in any major accidents this year!


15 Feature Wins to date. 

1 4 cylinder on dirt, 10 mini-mod all on asphalt, 4 mini sprints on dirt.

heat race wins.....i have no idea how many.

2 track records in mini mods. grundy speedway and dells raceway park

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Primary Ride

2006 Henchcraft Mini Sprint. 1200cc kawasaki zx-12 on alcohol

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