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UserName: kwilson911

Real Name: Kerry Wilson

Hometown: Milner, GA

Tracks Where I Race: Lamar County Raceway, Dallas Speedway, Zebulon Speedway

Non-Racing Hobbies: Motorcycling and Road Biking


Classes I've Raced: Senior Clone Medium, Senior Clone Heavy, TAG, Clone Sportsman and Open Clone 6.5.

Classes I Currently Race: Clone.

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2008 Ultramax Element


Future racer.


Invader straight rail setup for dirt.

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I started racing in 1980 at Senoia Speedway in Senoia Ga.  It was a dirt track back then.  I raced in the Cadet class in a Camaro.  I raced off an on for 2 or 3 years and then I started racing a Pinto in the Mini Stock class for a couple of years.  In 1990 the track was paved and I bulilt a Mustang Mini Stock and raced that class about a year.  In 1991 I purchased a used Invader kart and started racing at Lamar County Raceway, a paved road course in Barnesville, Ga.  I have won many races in several different 4 cycle classes and several points championships over the years.  In 2007 I started racing TAG on an Extreme chassis with a Parilla Leopard.  I won 1st time out on it and won a few after that.  I did not race this class long and got back into 4 cycle.

Last year I started racing on a small dirt oval in Dallas, Ga, Dallas Mini Speedway.  I won my 1st 3 races at that track on a straight rail Invader with a Blue Clone.   This year I have contined racing on dirt at Dallas and the newly reopened Zebulon Speedway in Zebulon, Ga. which used to be a stock car track back in the late 60's.  It was reopened as a oval kart racing track.  So far, I have won 6 of 7 races in the Clone Sportsman class.

So far this year, 2012, I have raced 2 times at Zebulon Speedway in Zebulon, Ga.  I raced 1st time in Clone Stock Medium, this class runs open pipe and clutch.  I raced my just obtained 2008 Ultramax Element, kart is handling pretty good, but still needs a little work.  My 1st 2 races were a learning experience and I am a little behind right now.  Results for 2 races were last kart still running on track.  Will continue working to get better.

I raced this past weekend at the Famous Lamar County Speedway in Barnesville, Ga. and you can see my result in the result section.  Some of the name drivers that have raced at this track are Lake Speed, Lynn Haddock, Dicky Wilson, Scott Pruett and Danica Patrick, just to name a few.




Primary Ride

My current ride is a 2008 Ultramax Element  running a BSP Clone on dirt

My pavement road course kart is an Invader running a clone.

Backup Ride(s)

Early 2000 or late 90's Probe offset dirt kart running clone.

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