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UserName: kblackwell11

Real Name: Kyle Blackwell

Hometown: Greer, SC

Tracks Where I Race: Lamar County Speedway

Non-Racing Hobbies: Basketball, watching races


Classes I've Raced: Clone Sr.

Classes I Currently Race: LO206 Sr.

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Me and my new LO206 Sr. engine.

 The racing bug bit me from a young age, and I followed in my Dad's footsteps and became a big NASCAR fan. As a little boy I really liked Jeff Gordon. My Dad had owned race cars and dabbled in it a little prior to me being born, but gave it up when I came along, but he is a ASE certified technician and is a great car mechanic. I played most all sports growing up, and although I wanted to race from a very young age, my parents were afraid that I would get hurt. So I raced BMX for a little while instead in which I won a race, and finished 2nd in my class in a State Race competition for the National Bicycle League in South Carolina. Later I became a fan of Kasey Kahne, but did not decide to start racing until after college. Seeing the film 'Rush' and learning about the 76' Britsh World Champion James Hunt opened my eyes other forms of racing, and although I still enjoy watching Nascar, I prefer Formula 1 and IndyCar today; and believe that is the type of racing I would like to do professionally. So I went out and bought a kart and a motor. I started at the end of 2016 with a Clone Sr. package, and that's what I raced in 2017; but now I have an LO206 Sr. engine anf that's what I will be running in 2018.

Primary Ride

 We were a little ignorant especially when we first started the process, we ended up with a 2003 Twister offset chassis, because it did not at face value to us look offset, but it turned out to be, and we later found out that the BSP Clone motor that I have can actually out-run the LO206, if you spend a lot of money tuning it up, but then it has realiability issues. However, I've been able to run laps in the 27 second range as we've made some minor changes, and hopefully with a gearing issue corrected we'll be even faster. Each time out I've bested my fastest lap from prior. I have an LO206 Sr. engine that I will be running in 2018, but with the same chassis.


Backup Ride(s)

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03/19/17 Lamar County Speedway Clone Sr./LO206 Sr. 9 I just didn't have any pace this race, even though I improved tremendously from the last race, the other competitors had tightened up a little, and we were still looking for more speed.
04/22/17 Lamar County Speedway Clone Sr./L0206 Sr. 5 I found a lot more speed this race, from what we learned the previous race, and at the end of the race many people commented to my father that they were surprised that I was able to hold my own with the fast LO206's.
06/10/17 Lamar County Speedway Clone Sr./LO206 Sr. 6 I continued my faster pace in this race, if I could have gotten around one of the other karts at the beginning I might have finished 5th. We tried something that didn't work, but we know how to fix it know. We battled through a clutch issue, despite setting my fastest time ever in the heat race for this race which was a make-up because it was rained out in May, I wasn't able to do well at all in the heat do to severe understeer.
06/10/17 Lamar County Speedway Clone Sr./LO206 Sr. 8 I passed 2 cars on the start, and to compound the clutch issue we had a weight issue as well, because our kart was found to be 1 pound to light after the feature earlier in the day, and everyone else slowed down at night, for some reason, and everyone else did as well. We were almost DQ'd for the weight issue, but the lady checking the kart weights talked them out of it, because she discovered the weight machine had not been reset from earlier in the day. And after the heat race we had only lost .8 of a lbs and we were 361.2 at the end of the 10 lap heat and 362 at the beginning. So thankfully we weren't but this and the other issue, that we thought would fix a torque issue, caused us to lose speed.

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