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UserName: jonesracing36

Real Name: Simon

Hometown: South Boston, VA

Tracks Where I Race: most of the east coast

Non-Racing Hobbies: all aroound racer if not at the track in the garage workking and messing around


Classes I've Raced: "mini cup" stock lite, medium, heavy Sr. champ lite and heavy

Classes I Currently Race: "mini cup" stock lite, medium, heavy

My Personal Website:

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Simon Jones Jr. is 19 years old.  He is from the small racing community of South Boston, Va The home of Ward and Jeff Burton. From time to time Simon also helps around the burtons shop with up coming driver Jeb Burton.  When Simon is not at the race track or in the garage you can usaly find him at his place of business where he waits tables at the South Boston Applebees.  Racing is what Simon enjoys doing he is happiest when he is doing this, He has been racing karts since the age of 11 and has made his way to everystate from New York all the way to Flordia and as far west as Mississippi!  Simon will be racing in the Caged Heat racing series set to debut on the day of 10/10/2010!  Out of 300 plus applications, Simon was picked with 30 other drivers to race in the Caged Heat racing series! Combine a rock show with x-games and WWE get The Caged Heat Racing Series. We will be racing mini-cup cars on a 67 degree banked oval track inside NHL arenas, at 20 stops all over the country. The series is set to debut in October of 2010!!! This racing spectical Will be the Best thing to hit the Motorsports world in the last 25 years!

For more information on the series go to:


Primary Ride

Race for the Caged heat racing series  Will be the Most intense racing series you will ever spectate!

The 2010 Caged Heat Racing Series Car 

is a modified rendition of an existing ½ scale Mini Cup Stock Car.


The present engine is a 250cc air cooled atv engine with gear box. This engine combined with the 67.5-degree banking will allow speeds in excess of 100 MPH although the cars will be governed to keep the cars from exceeding a race design speed of 50 MPH.
The car measures 5O inches in width and 10 feet in length.
The total car and driver weight will be a maximum of 750 pounds.
BODY: · Hand Layed Fiberglass · Lexan Windshield · Gelcoat Gray
Body styles: Monte Carlo, Impala SS, Fusion, Camry, Charger
CHASSIS: · 0.95 Steel tube · MIG Welded · Upper & Lower Control Arms · Caster, Camber, Toe Adjustments · Movable Pedals · Rack & Pinion
STEERING: · Adjustable Coil Over Shocks · Fully Adjustable Rear Suspension


Backup Ride(s)

Also will race karts up untill 10/10/2010 all over the east coast

View Schedule For: 2010

No race results entered yet.

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Simon can be found on Facebook and as well as twitter/Hot36