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UserName: fast4

Real Name: Steve Naples

Hometown: Bartlett, IL

Tracks Where I Race: Grundy, Madison, Anderson, DRP, Mount Lawn

Non-Racing Hobbies: car shows, car runs, home shows, parades


Classes I've Raced: 1/4 mile bracket racer, open class mini cup

Classes I Currently Race: Central States Region Super Cups (CSR)

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CSR teaches the kids young. Everyone helps in the pits.

This is how they line up to see our cars at the events that we do for our sponsors.

2010 St. Patricks Day Parade with Browns Chicken sponsored car

St. Patricks Day Chicago

car show at one of the Browns Chicken locations. These cars will more than double your lunch time volume!

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I have always had the need for speed. From mini bikes to dirt bikes and go karts as a kid, to fast bikes, boats and fast cars in my teens, twenties, thirties, and forties. Never anything organized, just hop on or in something and go fast. Nothing really kept my interest.

Then one day I met a guy named Jeff Myers, he was looking for a series sponsor for his 1/2 scale NASCAR series called Central States Region Super Cups, he was the President. I have never seen anything so cool. These are full blown Cup cars like you see on T.V. only they are 1/2 the size, and are capable of speeds of over 100 MPH!! I was in, sign me up, I will sponsor your club. What a great advertising idea I said to myself. Little kids racing what a great concept!
Then he went on to tell me... You know, you can drive these cars too. I thought for a minute, this guy must be blind, I'm 6' 230 lbs, I will not fit in this car. He continued to say... Hop in; you really can race these cars, so I did. WOW!! This car fit me pretty good!! In about 8 minutes Jeff had the brake and gas pedals adjusted to fit my 6' frame, and the rest is history.
After a short time of racing with Central States Region Super Cups, I realized that for the most part this was a pretty awesome way to spend my weekends. This was most definitely what I wanted to do for FUN.
I went to the founders of Central States Region Super Cups with a plan to build a show room, service center, Race school, racers hangout kind of place dedicated solely for the mini cup sport and Central States Region Super Cups. The decision was unanimous in favor of this idea.
Hole in One Motor Sports was born. Central States Region Super Cups and all Americans now have the # 1 and largest dedicated Super Mini Cup Store in the Country, located in down town Harvard, Illinois, on Rt 173.
Then I went to work looking for sponsor $$ for the club. I was able to compile thousands of dollars, in a relatively short period of time. Next step, run for a board position, Treasurer sounds good. 
I was elected Treasurer and with the help of Jeff Myers went on to set up Bank and credit accounts for the Central States Region Super Cups, while bringing in record amounts of $$ to help build this great series.
I am now going into my second year as President of The Central States Region Super Cups, after being nominated by The past President Jeff Myers. We have rebuilt CSR, and currently have a series of guys and girls who really want to have fun, learn how to be great race car drivers and oh yeah did I forget to mention have fun.
1/2 the size, twice the fun! Central States Region Super Cups  (CSR)

Primary Ride


2008 NC Chassis with 2011 Lightning Light Body, Powered by a HIOMS GX/390 Honda, Horstman Red Hawk Clutch


Backup Ride(s)


2008 NC Chassis


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