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UserName: dlbender

Real Name: David

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Tracks Where I Race: Linton IN, Bakersfield Raceway, Salem IN

Non-Racing Hobbies: wood carving


Classes I've Raced: 600 upright mini sprint, 4cyl stock car, Europe (Germany)

Classes I Currently Race: 600 Upright Mini Sprint

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Top wing

Andy Lutz, artist

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Not much to tell,

I grew up in Bloomington Indiana, LOVED going to the races as a kid, Bloomington, Paragon, Haubtstadt, New Bremen, ELDORA!! any thing with four wheels and a driver....

I left Bloomington (read that enlisted in the Air Force) in 1973 and "came back" in 1998 (read that retired from the Air Force).

In between, I married, raised two GREAT kids, became single...bought a 250/270cc Micro in Idaho and raced there a while. Moving back to Indiana I tried to race at Bakersfield Raceway in Linton Indiana with the it....then they (250cc) were GONE!. To keep pace with the changes I looked around for a 600 machine to race.

I found several, some better than others, but I could not commit to getting my money out of my wallet to buy someone elses "mistakes". I tried sidewinders but could not feel comfortable in them...

BUT this is supposed to be about me....well, there is nothing much

other than I want to race on my own terms.....and have fun.....

I will NOT become the next great "whoever"...BUT would NOT mind becoming the OLDEST ROOKIE in USAC!


Primary Ride

Graylocks Racing EnterPrizes...."team" Gray hair...Racing (DUH!) EnterPrizes...  I Enter for Prizes...

My current car is one I bought as a bare chassis, most likely an older Doemelt or Nichols. It was bought from Mike Gerkin in Mitchell, Indiana. The initial intent was to clean it up and sell it but, then the BUG bit me and I started "acquiring" things to stick on it... a front axle...a motor (from Brent Fordyce, Salem Indiana, he cleaned up the chassis and installed the motor) a rear axle (from Brent again). To attach the axle a set of custom wishbones were made by Hyper Racing (Mike Dicely and company... even though this is NOT a Hyper car...the Hyper Racing folks will HELP represent the BEST in racing!)...

To make a long story has taken a year to get to this point with help from; Jack Shipman, Brent Fordyce, Lee Deckard (made a custom set of torsion arms for the front..AWESOME). Businesses, Indy race parts, SPEEDWAY MOTORS!!! (switched to full up midget front axle), Saldana Racing (custom double pass radiator..and NOW a fuel forward/ bladder cell), BR Motorsports (Blake ALWAYS willing to help), FOZ Race cars (Larry Fasse..radius rods/drag link- bent for right steering) Schroeder steering,

Backup Ride(s)

NONE... I break - I BOUGHT it.....



OH! I BOUGHT it in the FIRST place

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