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UserName: WrightBrosRacing

Real Name: Jordan

Hometown: Findlay, OH

Tracks Where I Race: Lil' Indy

Non-Racing Hobbies: playing racing video games, listening to country music


Classes I've Raced: Gold Restrictor, and Blue Restrictor

Classes I Currently Race: Gold Restrictor

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Jordan participating in his interview.

Jordan with his trademark hat and Noah signing autographs

Jordan racing around a huge track at Stateline.

Jordan's first heat 2 win.

Noah Racing around a huge track at Stateline

I am 1/2 of Wright Brothers Racing. We started racing with no prior knowledge. It was just a dream that I had. My dad took me to my first race where we met a man that sold us my kart and then we told my brother Noah and he wanted to race so we went back and bought a kart for my brother. Our racing seasons so far have been very adventurous. In our rookie year we went to Stateline and Noah placined 3 in the Buckeye nationals, and I broke my clutch. then we went to Lil' Indy and I won my first heat 2 and then finish 2 in the feature in an 8 car field. Then our last race of our rookie season was at Ottawa and it was the first and only race so far that both Wright Brothers Racing cars have been in the same class. I finished 3rd in a 21 car field. Then our second season had ups and downs. we went to Ottawa and I had a hard hit full throotle head on into the wall and severely damaged my ribs, but I was back in a kart the very next Saturday and at the same track their very next race 2 weeks after my injury. We raced at Lil' indy 3 times and all 3 times Noah finished no worse than 4th in eight to 12 car fields. I blew a head gasket the first time, finished 5 in the invitation only 12 car field and won my last race. We have participated in 2 interveiws and one autograph session for Racing World. We are planning on running Lil' Indy's points series. I feel that we can make a strong showing and maybe win the Gold Plate championship and maybe even sneak in and steal the Blue Plate championship also, but we will have to over come these parts breaking.  

Primary Ride

I race the red American flag themed number 48j Phantom and Noah races the orange number 3n Ultramax

Backup Ride(s)

I just have an old back up body. Black and orange strips on the nose with a blue strip going down the front, and black sides with orange flames.

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I go a pearl white helmet for Christmas that a friend said he would air brush for us if we put his name on the karts. If u sponsor us we put your name on both karts, and if u help us I try to put your name in the inteview as someone who has helped us. Thanks to these wonderful people without their help we wouldn't be able to reach the finish line. BNB Rentals, Jacobs Auto Repair,, Scott Williams, Rick Wilson, Ryan Byrd, Jerry Overmyer, Edwards Racing, Karen Garcia, Ralph Downs, Grandpa and Grandma Wright, Phil Wright, and the legendary Jerry Solt.