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UserName: TooSlo86

Real Name: Chris Lee

Hometown: Elsie, MI

Tracks Where I Race: US131 Motorsports Park, Milan Dragway, Mid Michigan Motorplex, Lapeer International Dragway, Route 66 Raceway, Summit Motorsports Park, Beech Bend Raceway

Non-Racing Hobbies: Cars


Classes I've Raced: NMRA Factory Stock, NMRA True Street, Street ET

Classes I Currently Race: NMRA Factory Stock

My Personal Website:

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As long as I can remember I've solely been into cars, no other sports do it for me, however I had never made a pass down the 1320 until shortly after getting out of the Marine Corps in 1998. That pass that changed my life was at the famous, yet now defunct, Carlsbad Raceway. For the next four years following I would spend nearly every weekend there racing one of my Hot Rods, that was up until my wife of now 16 years and I had our daughter in 2002. While still living in Southern California I was also fortunate enough to get a chance to make a pass down the world famous Pomona Raceway, it was only 1 pass out of the entire Super Chevy weekend due to the phone call that I received informing me to get to the hospital as we were going to have our aforementioned daughter!

Fast forward several years to 2013 and I have finally took a step to realizinng my dream of racing Heads-Up in NMRA Factory Stock. The funding wasn't there to finish a dedicated race engine, so the decision was made to run the current stock Explorer engine that has been residing in the car since 2006 when I put it in as a 90k mile replacement. It ran mid to low 13's in it's infancy as I drove the car 85 miles daily during the summer months but has slowly progressed to the point it is now. The car is no longer a daily driver as it has been dedicated to Factory Stock. Out of the 3 races I made in the NMRA series in my 1st year I accomplished a difficult task at only my 2nd race. In Factory Stock trim during competion I went 11.96@110mph with this cammed stocker! At the final test and tune of the year after implementing some new ideas I was able to coax an 11.68@113.65 out of it with a 1.544 60 ft on BFG Drag Radials as are required in Factory Stock.

For next season I plan to have a low budget 308 finished up so I can narrow the gap between the top-runners and myself. Should be an interesting 2014!



Primary Ride


1986 Ford Mustang LX

Stock 302 Explorer Engine with Scott Brown, Competion Components camshaft.



Backup Ride(s)


1973 Buick Apollo

1979 Pontiac Trans Am

1972 Chevrolet C10



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From a happy follower;


I can honestly say that I feel honored for you to say it's  a nice set-up coming along. I've admired how you and a certain few other's take the GT40P longblocks and push them into the 11's without even lifting the are the inspiration where I got to build this motor, and have been showing every one of my freinds your videos!