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UserName: Tex85

Real Name: TEX Perry

Hometown: Ona, WV

Tracks Where I Race: Ona Speedway


Classes I've Raced: U-cars , Classics, GoKarts

Classes I Currently Race: Classics, GoKarts

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2013 MHM Logo

My son Tommy's Kart. The newest member of MHM, we've moved into karting late 2012 prepping for 2013.

My son Tommy's Kart. The newest member of MHM, we've moved into karting late 2012 prepping for 2013.

My son Tommy's Kart. The newest member of MHM, we've moved into karting late 2012 prepping for 2013.

My son Tommy's Kart. The newest member of MHM, we've moved into karting late 2012 prepping for 2013.

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I'm a 33 year old racer from Milton, WV. I got my start racing online on Nascar Racing 4 where I met a great bunch of people interested in the same hobbies I have. Thats when I bought my first car, a 1998 Chevy Cavalier built for the U-car class at Ona Speedway. (U-car being U Can Afford to Race, an affordable 4 cylinder class that many have used as a stepping stone into upper classes)During this time I moved up online and started racing on Nascar Racing 2003 Season, a very similar simulation yet physics more resemble actual racing. After running 2 seasons in the U-car division and finishing 2nd in points, I decided that I wanted to move up to the next step at Ona Speedway. I moved into the Classic division. Classics are also an affordable class where chassis are very common and motors are limited to size and specs keeping the competition very close. Classics are usually the largest class at Ona, other than the U-cars, usually providing 10-14 cars per race. After 3 seasons in the classics I still find that I'm learning new things about the car, track, and my driving style everytime i hit the track. In 2012 the Classic division moved away from Ona Speedway and on to Southern Ohio Speedway a 1/2 mile dirt track located in South Webster, Ohio. Currently the Classics have made a triumphant return to Ona Speedway and remain one of the most beloved classes to cheer for.

Primary Ride

My Current ride is a fiberglass body '34 Ford on a metric chevrolet chassis (full rollcage) with a GM 305 block bored .060 to make a 316 cid., Holley 2bbl Carb, Automatic TH-350 transmission and standard GM 10 bolt rearend. Availability of these parts and chassis are all combined to make this class an affordable alternative to the big unlimited motors of other classes around the country.

Backup Ride(s)

Backup Rides? I could only wish that i could afford a backup ride. Right now if i break it I gotta fix it and have it ready in time for the next race.

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A video of when NASCAR came back to Ona Speedway. Dale Earnhardt Jr., Martin Truex Jr., Clint Bowyer, Sterling Marlin, and Kenny "The Hermanator" Wallace. Dale was doing the flagging and the others raced. Rumor was that when they flew in Dale told the other guys he didn't know it was an asphalt track and had he known he would have raced too lol. Enjoy.