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UserName: SpeedRacer86x

Real Name: Aimee Foster

Hometown: Pride, LA

Tracks Where I Race: Baton Rouge raceway, pike county speedway, USA1 speedway, flomaton speedway, Hattiesburg motorsports park,thunder valley speedway.

Non-Racing Hobbies: Working on cars!!


Classes I've Raced: Stingers for 4 years

Classes I Currently Race: Stingers and building a limited modified

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 I love racing and it always comes first!! I've even quit a job because they wouldn't let me off to race. I have been racing in the stinger class for 4 years now. I have a great support team( my grand parents) if it wasn't for my pawpaw I wouldn't be in racing. It's a thrill that I look forward to every weekend. I take much enjoyment when I beat the boys on the track and they get upset when I pull up to the track!! They only talk about ya if your fast!!

Primary Ride

 1998 Honda prelude, 2.2 vtec pulling 203 whp in 3rd gear!! Super fast but doesn't like the brakes. Modified plenum and spacer on the air intake that give 6 more hp. Engine is stock but don't let it fool ya!!

Backup Ride(s)

 1993 Nissan Altima 2.4 twin cam. Not very fast but a tank and will finish the race. Building a limited modified so I can drive a real car!! 

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 I've won 25+ feature wins and still plan on many more. Most people say I'm cocky but if u got the right equipment u can win every time!! I don't like wrecking my car but it happens when your the only girl surrounded by ALL men!! I can't show any kind of weakness or they'll take advantage of it.