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UserName: Shelby74

Real Name: Shelby

Hometown: Kokomo, IN

Tracks Where I Race: Miami County Speedway

Non-Racing Hobbies: hangin' with friends!


Classes I've Raced: Restrictor

Classes I Currently Race: Restrictor

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Where to start...... I am 16 and now a jr. in high school. I play no school sports because racing is my number one focus. I race 600cc micro-sprints. It is the most fun i have ever had. I love the rush you get. The fact that you don't have to count on anyone else also helps alot. If you mess up..... it is one of two things, you or the car. It is one of the best experiences i have had. It has brought my family together. We work on the car every night and all through the winter. It always gives us something to talk about. There is always something new to learn about the car. You can never know everything... and that just amazes me.

People say racing is just about going around in circles and turning left. It is so much more then that. It is all about knowing your car and what it can do. If you don't know what your car can do then you can't ever get past that hump. To know what it can do only makes you a better driver. It is also helps to know what to do when you get in certain situations. Like when you get to a car you want to pass, you need to know if you can pass them underneath or if you have enough juice to take the top.


Primary Ride


Well the 2009 season i was racing a car that we had to take apart, get powdercoated, and have to put it back together. My car was white, orange, and blue.

The 2010 season i am racing restrictor..... hopefully the last season. Next year i hope to be moving up to the open class.


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This 2010 season has been great. Miami County Speedway is just a great track with a great staff. It has drivers that race very well. They are all very competitive, but that is what makes it fun.