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UserName: ReaperRacing

Real Name: Reaper Racing

Hometown: poplar grove, IL

Tracks Where I Race: Rockford Speedway / Madison Internationalspeedway

Non-Racing Hobbies: hang out at the shop with the crew


Classes I've Raced: road runners

Classes I Currently Race: Trailer race

My Personal Website:

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trailer race

trailer race

race truck

 well we are a race team called Reaper Racing and we were fromed in 2011 and we've been racing as a team ever sence . We curently race at the rockford speedway which is in  rockford IL and we only race there 3 times a year and thats for the trailer race , the figure 8 trailer race and the boat race . As of this year we will be racing up at in  Wis at the madison international speedway  for the trailer race up there and we will be racing up there twice a year . like i said this will be our first year up there . Our Members consist of Shaun Mahurin (aka) Hot rod  who is a owner of the team and a driver . Then you Have Dave Mahurin(aka) Crazy D  who is also a Owner. Then theres Michael Mahurin (aka) Mad MIke who is a owner and a driver . Then you have Andrew Downs who is a owner as well . This is the rest of the team. Brittany/Sam/Dayna/Brandon/Dan/Natalie. We are located in Poplar Grove ,IL and Right now we only race at two tracks  but as we grow we will end up racing at more . you can go on face book and find us there  just look for reaper racing 

Primary Ride

 Our curent rideThe Reaper  is a 1993 Ford F250  

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