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UserName: Gracyehale80

Real Name: Gracye Hale

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Tracks Where I Race: Foothills,Possum Kingdom,24,and Cross Anchor

Non-Racing Hobbies: Swimming, and Skating!!


Classes I've Raced: Peewee A &B

Classes I Currently Race: Peewee A&B

My Personal Website: http://none

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All Of These Photos Are At Foothills Raceway!! :)

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Well My Name is Gracye Hale. Iam 9 Years old. I Race The Number 80. I have been Racing for about 2 1/2 Years. I Have won a 2 ChampionShips At Foothills raceway. I Love Racing! I love to Race Every week that i can if you want to know anything else email my dad at


Primary Ride

2008 Ultramax Element

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2008 Foothills Peewee Champion

2009 Foothills Peewee Champion