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UserName: CountryBoyRacing88

Real Name: Ronald Pyles

Hometown: Kingwood, WV

Tracks Where I Race: Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex, Elkins Raceway, Hagerstown Speedway, Winchester Speedway,

Non-Racing Hobbies: Hunting/Fishing/Basketball/Bowling


Classes I've Raced: Been In A 4 Cylinder Once

Classes I Currently Race: Street Stock

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Wonder why my favorite number is 88? While I was in AIT in Georgia, I was going to a track called Gordon Park Speedway. A little boy was selling tickets to help pay for a surgery he was having done. I didn't ask what the prize was or what I even got if I won. I gave the boy $6.00 and he gave me 5 tickets. Later that night they called the winning ticket number and I went to the officials thinking I won some money. I get up to the official and he verified the numbers and told me we had to find me a drivers suit and helmet. I was confused at this point. I borrowed Jeff Hadden's fire suit and helmet and was put out on the track in a 4 cylinder to turn some laps by myself. My first 10 laps on a dirt track was at Gordon Park Speedway in a 4 cylinder. I had a lot of fun, can't wait to get out in my camaro at Roaring Knob and Elkins Speedway. Moral of the story the last two digits on my winning ticket were 88. Definitely A Day I Will Never Forget. I have followed racing since I was a little boy and it's been in my blood since. I've gathered alot of information over the past couple years and also in my shop classes in High School and now I want to put some of it to the test.

Primary Ride

My Current Ride Is A Mid 80's Cheverolet Camaro. It has a 350 4 Bolt Main Block With A 400 Crankshaft (383 Stroker). Turbo 350 Transmission. Dart Cast Iron Heads, More To Come.

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