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UserName: CodyV7Mc

Real Name: Cody McAllister

Hometown: Manning, SC

Tracks Where I Race: Sumter Speedway, Florence Motor Speedway, Carolina Speedway, Screven Motor Speedway

Non-Racing Hobbies: 4wheelers, dirtbikes and random mayhem


Classes I've Raced: Mini stock, Stock 4, Mod 4, Bomber 4, Bomber 6

Classes I Currently Race: Bomber 4, Stock 4, Bomber 6

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Sissy's 1st win.

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Im 23.  I started racing in 2001 in Kirk Way's old Toyota.  Ive ran front wheel drives since before there were bomber classes.  We have learned by trial and error.  And it took us forever to get where we are today.  I can be hard to get along with.  But as long as you deserve it, Ill give you respect; on the track or off.

Primary Ride

1994 Honda Prelude.  Stock 4

1994 Honda Accord.  Bomber 4

Backup Ride(s)

1992 Honda Accord.  Stock 4.  THE  TANK!

1994 Accord. Bomber 4.

1992 Acura Legend.  Bomber 6.

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Built my 1st mini stock car in 2002.  A 1992 Accord.  1st finish was 7th.  Best finish was 4th. And I turned my car over in turn 1. Built next mini stock car in 2005.  1994 Prelude.  Finished 2nd the first race with it and won my 1st race the following year.  Ended that year with 7 wins.  Won my first track championship in 2007, and my 2nd in 2009.  Built a bomber 6 car in 2006.  1993 Acura Legen.  Leather seats, seat warmers.  Didnt race it till the following year.  Started racing bomber 4 and bomber 6 in 2007.  Ive ran 6 bomber 6 races and won every one I was in.   Built Kiri's young guns car in 2007 and raced it in bomber 4 twice.  Built my bomber 4 car in 2009.  1994 Accord built solely to run at Screven Motor Speedways big renegade 4 race.  Qualified 20th, finished 4th after 100 laps.  Ran it at Thanksgiving race in 2009 and won.