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UserName: BrandonHuff

Real Name: Brandon Huff

Hometown: East Palestine, OH

Tracks Where I Race: Toledo Speedway, Flat Rock Speedway, Kil-Kare Speedway, Columbus Speedway, Winchester Speedway, Lake County Speedway, Ohio/Lake Erie Speedway, Pa

Non-Racing Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, camping


Classes I Currently Race: ARCA Tuck Series

My Personal Website:

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Brandon Huff

Brandon is currently securing marketing partnerships for a full season ride in the ARCA Truck Series. He has been purchased his own car so he can learn the chassis setup from the ground up. 

Winning! Can take a race car to the winners circle. Can take a team with good equipment to the championship.

With that said I also understand to move up is a business. I have to be able to provide a B2B relationship with any marketing partner. And when I can accomplish this I again will be a champion.

Hometown:              East Palestine, Ohio
Interests:                 Racing, baseball, hunting, fishing, and going to family cabin in the mountains
Education:               Attending Youngstown State University, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Career Highlights:    12 Championships. 57 wins, 28 pole awards

Instructional Experience:

Ford Focus Midget (Hickory, NC)  -instructor Brad Noffsinger
Richard Petty Driving Experience 
All-American Driver Challenge
-Advanced to a 100 driver Semi-final in Atlanta, GA
-Advanced to the top 10 and finished in top 3 in the final Hickory, NC

Racing History:                                                           

         In 1998 Brandon began racing gokarts at age 8. He raced in the Akron Karting to win three local championships. In 2002, needing more of a challenge, Brandon stopped racing at the local club and decided to race a four track series. He opted to race the Buckeye Karting Association, along with the Ohio Sprint Series. The Ohio Sprint Series (now known as the Great Lakes Sprint Series) is a divisional series only one step below the nationals.  This meant Brandon had to travel to other tracks around Ohio. In 2003 the  Great Lakes Sprint Series expanded to tracks in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

He  made the ranks and won three state divisional championships. Again, Brandon made another move; in 2004 and he started racing the World Karting Association Gold Cup Nationals. Brandon reached a new plateau in 2005 by winning 2 National Championships. In 2006 and 2007 he added two more national champinships. He concluded his go-kart career with his 4th national championship.

        Brandon's passion is in auto racing and racing to win. To advance he needs to move up into different types of race cars for experience and exposure. In March of 2008 he purchased a Legend Race Car for the 2008 season. That year he ran a partial season while attending the University of Akron. It was a learning year adjusting to the car and this type of racing. In 2009 he won the Semi-Pro class Championship in the Northern Ohio Legend Series. Also in 2009 he finished 3rd in the Orlando Winter Nationals.

      In 2010 Brandon continued his education by going to college at Youngstown State University. His course of study is Mechanical Engineering Technology. He again is ripped up the track with 10 fast time pole awards and 6 wins. Brandon finished the season being crowned the 2010 Northern Ohio Legends Series Champion. Good job Brandon!


Primary Ride

ARCA Truck Series


Backup Ride(s)

None entered yet.

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Marketing PArtners

2011 is going to be a marketing learning year. However it is going to be exciting. Buckle up and hold on. Alot yet to come. Read More

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Racing Resume

Age:           21       
Birthday:    11/13/89

home:     330-426-9822     
cell:         330-692-3800      


Graduated  East Palestine High School.  Presently going to college at Youngstown State University. Field of study is Mechanical Engineering.


Legend Car
2008-2010 Northern Ohio Legends

Ford Focus Midget
2007-All American Driver Challenge (hickory Motor Speedway)‏
Hickory North Carolina
Go-Kart Racing
2004-2007 World Karting Association Gold Cup (National Series)

2003-2005 Great Lakes Sprint Series (5 state divisional series)

2002-Ohio Sprint Series (state of Ohio series 5-tracks)‏
Buckeye Karting Association (3 track racing series)



2010 Northern Ohio Legends Overall Champion
2009 Northern Ohio SemiPro Class Champion

4 World Karting Association National Championships
- 2 Championships in 2005
- 1 Championship in 2006
- 1 Championship in 2007

3 Great Lakes Sprint Series Championships
- 1 Championship in 2004
- 2 Championships in 2005

1 Buckeye Karting Local Championship
- 1 Championship in 2002

2 Akron Karting Club Local Championships
- 1 Championship in 2000
- 1 Championship in 2001

2010 (10) Northern Ohio Legends
2003-2005 (7) Great Lakes Sprint Series
2004-2007 (11) World Karting Association
Most Improved Driver
Most Improved Driver Award in 1999 from Akron Karting Club

(57) WINS
(6) Northern Ohio Legends
(8) World Karting Association Wins
(10) Great Lakes Sprint Series Wins
(5) Buckeye Karting Wins
(25) Akron Karting Club Wins
(3) Clyde Street Race Wins

02/2007 Ford Focus Midget (Hickory, NC) Instructor - Brad Noffsinger
07/2007 Richard Petty Driving Experienc (Charlotte, NC)

All-American Driver Challenge
Advanced to a 100 driver Semi-final in Atlanta, GA
Advanced to the top 10 driver final in Hickory, NC
Finished in top 3

Winning! Can take a race car to the winners circle. Can take a team with good equipment to the championship.
First and foremost I went out and won races and championships. You have to win for a sponsor to want to support you.

My specialties include taking race cars to winners circle and teams with good equipment to championships. A car in the back never gets noticed. I will promote the sponsor like my racing. They are number one and I will promote my sponsors so they benefit and keep coming back. Sponsors gain significant exposure at the track, in the media, in transit to the track, and at the race shop. The average attendance at the NASCAR Nationwide  series event is over 75,000 people. The NASCAR Nationwide Series is the #3 sport on television behind the NFL and NASCAR Sprint Cup racing series.

My plan is to light up the racing series that I participate in. That includes fully promoting my sponsors. I will be spending time with the marketing partners in the hospitality tents before each race. Their time at the track is to be most beneficial either for their own passion for being up close to racing or to be a place to entertain their professional business relationships. At the end of the day being competitive and up front will bring a positive promotion all the way around. Bottom line the sponsor has to benefit for supporting me and the race team. I have to exceed each sponsors expectations.
With that said I also understand racing is a business. I have to be able to provide a B2B relationship with any marketing partner. And when I can accomplish this the marketing partner will have successful return on their investment, and together we will be champions.