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Editor's Note... For those perplexed and maybe even wondering things like, "Eldora the 44th ranked track!?  Come on!!!!" or "How in the world can a small track like 311 Speedway, without an updated website, make this ranking?", this explanation is for you... So, please READ IT... the whole thing.. and if you have questions, feel free to ask with any of the links toward the end!

The Top 50 Tracks of the Summer of 2014 list truly is the 50 Most Viewed track profiles on from the week of Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend of 2014.  They are the real rankings and nothing has been changed.  It's just the numbers.  It truly is a unique listing.  It is not the '50 Most Popular Tracks in the Nation', it is not the '50 Most Attended Tracks in the nation'.

Here's the truth... ultimately tracks like Eldora, Knoxville, and Lucas Oil Speedway are probably never going to make OUR Top 10 or 20 because they already have an incredibly strong online presence that garners the majority of their web traffic directly to their websites.  That doesn't mean they don't get page views.  As a matter of fact, Eldora did choose to activate their track profile and post their race dates in 2014.  With that, they saw their profile viewed 40% more times this year than last!  Most of those views came from  people LOOKING FOR RACING who used our Race Dates page to find race dates when they're traveling.  For Eldora, that meant that nearly 1,000 race fans who might not have known they were racing on a given night found out that they were and had a chance to connect with them and maybe go enjoy it for the first time!

That's what is for every track in the nation, big and small... the chance for every track manager or promoter to post their race dates and invite people to come out and enjoy a place they've never been!   

Now, for smaller tracks, is a very different opportunity...  It's totally free promotional tool that lists basic track information so those tracks can be found on the internet.  Ultimately, tracks like these naturally get more page views (and end up higher in our ranking) because there's nowhere else on the internet to find them!  For those tracks, they can activate their profiles as well (at NO CHARGE) and post their race dates just like Eldora does. 

Ultimately, it's our pleasure to list EVERY track in the nation and give every track the chance to benefit from the ability to promote themselves as much as the biggest or smallest track around.

So, there you have it... The story behind the numbers.  There's no hidden agenda... Just a pretty simple web site giving every track the chance to invite more people in.  If you've got any questions, feel free to CLICK HERE to ask us your questions.

If you're  a track owner or promoter, find your track in the directory and ACTIVATE it with the link under 'Seating Capacity'.  IT'S TOTALLY FREE TO DO AND YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND MORE FANS TO GAIN!

If you're a fan and see a now closed track or a missing track, CLICK HERE to tell us about it and we'll get it added

About RacingIn®.com

RacingIn® is the only socially engaged race track and racer directory that has been actively working to connect race fans with great racing and local racers across the United States since 2009.  With a focus on engaging the tens of millions of grassroots race fans who enjoy local racing, also serves as the only website where sponsors seeking direct engagement with the collective audience of grassroots race fans can do so through a single unified platform that includes over 1,400 race tracks and nearly 3,000 racers.  As a free promotional tool for every race track in the race track directory, RacingIn®.com also works with every track that desires to grow it’s audience to allow it to control it’s own profile and invite more race fans to their events.  

For  more information about RacingIn®.com,  please call Left Turn Marketing, Inc. at 630-369-1664 or contact the founder of directly through this link.


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