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dr tooth's latemodel (the toothmobile) is currently being campaigned by his friend james swan and is seen leaving tech at rockford speedway in the spring of 2010

dr tooth racing indoor go karts in his go kart league called KIRL for Ken's Indoor Racing League

dr tooth at age 5 driving his "first car" with his dad in a parade in chicago

for lake geneva's final race of all time in 2006 there were no rules...dr tooth did not disappoint...his late model showed up with tommy sexton's sprint car wing and countless other aero changes to keep the car with its 750hp sprint car engine stuck to the ground... a heat race win was the result as an engine overheating problem sidelined dr tooth in what everyone knew was his feature to win

one of many late model victories for dr tooth at lake geneva

latemodel qualifying at lake geneva

late model in pits at lake geneva

racing side by side with track champion sonny schoffen in 2006

entering turn 1 at lake geneva in 2005

dr tooth in his late model at lake geneva in 2005

2005 little car national championship winner and track record at rockford speedway

2003 lake geneva victory lane

2004 minimodified feature win at lake geneva speedway

dr tooth's imca modified in 1999 which took him to rookie of the year honors countless wins and 2 track records

feature win at lake geneva speedway in 2001

opening night in the pits of wilmot about 1997

victory lane in the 2th mini-modified at wilmot in 1996

dr tooth (2th) racing his buddy roy morrison who was driving the 2th's backup car

one of dr tooth's first feature wins racing at wilmot speedway in his mini modified in 1993