From Imcamod81

Roughing in the bump steer on Sharky. The string line is a cheap way to get close.

Checking head flow on a JKM Automotive flow bench. We use this information to determine camshaft specs.

Getting the old car ready for some more updating.

Updating the pull bar mounting location on the old car.

Freshly painted rear axle housing that was recently squared. Getting a jump on next season.

The results of a bent exhaust valve when the head broke off. Still not sure what caused it.

The two cars together in the shop for the first time. Yes the blue one is old.

The results of an ill handling car. It was wrecking loose on entry, pushing like a dump truck on transition and loose off.

Coming to the checkers at Dakota State Fair Speedway.

Working on the chassis. There were a few cracks, some rusted out tubing and some upgrades needed for safety or at least my version of safety.

Well I finally was able to get the car to the frame rack. It pulled back really well. Now it is just a few touch ups and powder coat.

The wall is hard! I guess I should have been a little lower.

My first car, back in the day!

Tires stored in climate controlled shop, waiting for the season to start.

Back up car.

Custom built headers.

Stripped down for freshening.

318 engine ready for action.