From EddieMac443

Second place at the Carroll County Fair Derby in 1989. Some still say it was the best derby they ever saw. The car was an early 70s Eldorado with a 502. It just wouldnt die. In the end the rear wheels packed up into the body, the cab and roof collapsed and the bellhousing broke in half.It still would go forward, no reverse though.

Borrowed my dads car and won a race on Fathers Day at Midvale Speedway.

This $50 gem was a 70s something Volare wagon with a slant six. It won 4 compact derbies in a row at Stark County Ohio. It also ran at Sandusky and was finally destroyed at Carroll County, one place shy of making the feature with the big cars. That slant six still purred right up to the end.

The Chevelle S-3. This car has raced in enduros at Kalamazoo MI, as well as Lorain and Midvale Speedways in Ohio.We have plans to update and race it with the Kimmel Series if funding permits.

The Camaro scores a rare late model win. Not too bad for a street stock chasis.

The Camaro raced as a late model in 1986 at Canton Motor Speedway.

The old Camaro back in the Sport Stocks division at Canton Motor Speedway. 1987.

Trans Am I built for my dad to race at Canton Motor Speedway. It also ran a few special events at Midvale and Sandusky Speedways.

86 Monte Carlo at Canton Motor Speedway. This car also saw action at Midvale. The body was still in production at the time we were racing it.

Racing a car built by my cousins in 2001 at Midvale Speedway.

Midvale Speedway Enduro. 2000.

Wayne County Speedway Enduro. 2002. 125 laps on a very rough surface. This Trans Am also raced at Skyline and Crooksville Speedways in Ohio.

Lorain County Speedways 200 lap Enduro in late 90s.

Trailer Race truck I built for the kids to play with. Its raced at Barberton and Midvale Speedways in Ohio. Pretty fast for a big ole girl.

My last demo derby. Won the 80s class at Carroll County Fair, 2006.

The Tuff Truck Blazer. Raced it at Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties in Ohio. These races seemed to die off, so we use it around the farm now.

Fig 8 racing in the Cavy.

My current work horse. This mid 70s Monte Carlo is used for dirt enduros but has also pulled a trailer to a 2nd place finish at the Barberton Speedway Trailer Race in 2010.

Sliding through the center at Hilltop Speedway Enduro. Came from 1 1/2 laps down to take the lead on or around lap 80. Put in the wall by 2nd place car on lap 94. Limped home to a 2nd place finish.