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General Meeting, Parking Auction, Registration


Attention all Racers The big day everyone has been waiting for is coming, April 9th! Greene fire station, 3:00, General Meeting followed by parking auction and then registration. #1- Raffle tickets must be turned in before the meeting starts so we can give you your credit for the parking. #2- Meeting- We will be discussing any rule changes that my have been brought up from the earlier meeting in the year #3- Parking auction- Bidding starts at $10. There is a map of the parking on the club website under paperwork. For rows 1 & 2 we are moving the fence to make a little more room between those 2 rows. If you cannot make it to the auction contact Scott Patterson, Club Treasurer with a first and second choice for parking spots and the amount you are willing to go to and he will bid on your behalf. If your new, we auction the parking off because with 60 cars racing we have a full parking lot, this way when you get there or if your late, your spot will always be there waiting for you. All money goes right back into your club to help keep the cost down, and there are a lot of costs to keep the club running. #4- Registration- IF YOUR NEW, WE NEED YOUR CHILD'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR PROOF OF AGE FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANY, YOU MUST BRING A COPY OF IT TO REGISTER . Think of the job slots you would like to do before you register. You will be required to sign up for 3 job slots prior to registering. If you would like to fill out your paperwork before the meeting, it is all on the website and you can print it out. Sue will have paperwork at the meeting also for you to fill it out. Previous registrants only have to confirm previous years info. Make sure you have all your sponsors monies collected so you get your incentive credit for all the renewals/ new sponsors you pick up. Monies collected after you register will be applied to next years registration. If you need sponsor packets or more information on getting incentive credits, everything is on the website on the left hand side. When you register you will receive your wrist bands and scoring tags so you will be good to go on the first practice. Keep in mind no racers will be allowed on track until they are fully registered and inspected. Website

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