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Watermelon Capital Speedway Season Opener


Crisp Motorsports Park, Home of Watermelon Capital Speedway will begin its Racing Season, this Saturday, April 11. We look forward to seeing old friends and lots of new ones. The track has a new owner, succeeding the previous ownwer/management team of Tom Lagano and Marvin Ragan. The new name is Crisp Motorsports Park, and the track retains the name "Watermelon Capital Speedway". Cordele still retains its title of "Watermelon Capital of the World", complete with an annual Festival and bragging rights. To top that off, watermelons here are sweeter and better tasting, than seems like anywhere else, so when you start seeing the Cordele/Watermelon slice Billboards along Interstate 75, you are getting close to the Watermelon Capital Speedway. Located just west of I-75 Exit 104 on Farmers Market Rd, the road also leads to the local farmers market, that was instrumental in Cordele's watermelon title, from the shear amonut of melons shipped from there. 

The track is a 3/8 mile asphalt track, has proper embankments, and has drivers like John Hunter Nemechek, Chase Elliott, David Ragan, and many others who enjoy the quality of the SpeedFest Race in January. As our locals hit the track on April 11, they too will enjoy one of the sweetest tracks operating today. Sweet as a juicy watermelon!! Plan now to come join us as a racer or a fan, we have room for both. And a big "hats off" to the RacingIn folks for having this nice site to post our info on, and you to visit. Top Quality!

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