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2014 Sponsorship






v  The oldest Drag Strip located in its original location in the U.S.

v  We are located in Julesburg, Colorado.

v  NHRA sanctioned track

v  A small organization who is seeking sponsorships and donations. These sponsorship and donations help with the track upgrades and equipment to keep the track and SAFE and FUN place for all RACERS and SPECTATORS.



Ø  Track Side sign~$800 per season

Ø  Large tower signs 8x4~ $700 per season

Ø  Grandstand signs 18x24~$350 per season

Ø  Billboard sign 12x12 ~$150 per season



Ø  Race Day Top Eliminator~ $500 ($50 per race/10 races)

Ø  Class sponsor Any Contribution~ Helps with payouts and to build class size



Ø  Any donation that will help with our equipment

Ø  Door prizes and raffles (4th of July Celebration or Annual Banquet)


Any Contribution or Donation is greatly appreciated!!


Thank you for your support of a local track.


Follow us at:

Facebook:       Julesburg Dragstrip Oldest Track in the Country


Contact: Todd Barowsky ~Track Manager             or            Ed and Jessica Smith

                  98 Kansas Street                                                             PO Box 327

                 Cheyenne, WY  82009                                                   Iliff, CO 80736

                 307-631-4490                                                                    Ed (970)571-2370 or Jess (970)571-2316


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