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Local Racer Licensed to Race Jet Powered Vehicle


Local Utah racer, Jaren Mott, recently licensed to race the “Peacekeeper” Jet-powered Half Track. Mott will be racing the jet-powered half track at Rocky Mountain Raceways’ Jet Car Spring Nationals on Saturday, May 28.

The “Peacekeeper” Half Track features a Westinghouse J34 engine; typically used for jet aircraft. The engine produces 10,000 horsepower; using 30 gallons of fuel per run.

This will be Mott’s first time racing the “Peacekeeper” jet-powered Half Track in a competition. Mott is one of the only racers in Utah and the United States to be licensed to drive this type of vehicle.

“Driving a jet car is totally different from driving anything else I have ever driven. The Top Alcohol Dragster is all acceleration at the starting line and slowly tapers off as it goes down the track. The Jet Car is just the opposite. It slowly builds up and just keeps pulling harder and harder, all the way to the finish line,” says Jaren Mott.

Mott has raced since a young age; winning 15 championships in his career, including Rocky Mountain Raceways’ 2010 IHRA Box Champion. “I got into racing by helping my dad with his car. He raced a Super Comp Dragster and was a 7 time Super Pro Champion at Bonneville Raceways. I started racing in the Jr. Dragster Class in 1993 and won my first championship that year,” says Mott.

RMR’s Jet Car Spring Nationals will feature eight jet-powered vehicles; pushing more than 6,000 pounds of thrust each and traveling at speeds of more than 250 MPH. Gates open at Noon, Feature Cars run at 6:30pm and 9:30 pm. Adults are $20 and youth (5-12) are $10.

Click here to view the “Peacekeeper” at Rocky Mountain Raceways in 2010.

This article posted by Rocky Mountain Raceways. Click here for more track information.