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Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 2:27:13 PM

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YES, Controlling your Track Profile and entering your race dates so they appear on THIS PAGE at RacingIn.com is totally free.

Just find your track in our Track Directory, click the link under 'seating capacity' to create a registration and fill in both pages of information.

Can't find your track? SHAME ON US! Click here to get in touch with us and tell us what track it is, where it is, and we'll add it!

If there's no registration link under Seating Capacity, use our CONTACT FORM to get in touch with us and tell us what track you want to control! It's that simple and yes, it's FREE!

Now, once you're registered, here are the instructions


There are 3 basic tasks, that shouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes in total, that will have you set up to benefit all year long. Remember, there are NEVER ANY CHARGES associated with actively updating your track’s profile at RacingIn.com. It’s up to you how up-to-date the profile remains.


Once logged in, in the Member Box, click on ‘Edit Profile’. EVERY Field is 100% editable by you! Make sure your web address is accurate and that people have the right ways to connect with your track!

ONE WORD OF CAUTION… DON’T MESS WITH THE FIELD ‘TRACK DESCRIPTION’! IF IT IS WRONG, PLEASE CONTACT ME TO GET ADVICE ON CHANGING IT… Why? When you change the Track Description, Shape or Surface fields, you do risk your ‘map icon’ being changed. So.. if you have any questions, let me know.

STEP 2… POST 2 PICTURES! (6 minutes)

We regularly post track profiles to our Facebook Page, but typically ONLY IF YOU HAVE A PICTURE OR TWO to represent your track. Your profile allows 2 pictures on your profile screen. It’s your choice what you use, but we suggest a LOGO and an ‘overhead’ or action picture (action and/or stands) to give people a sense of your track when they see your profile.

To add your images, click on ‘ADD IMAGES’ in the member box and follow the instructions. Remember that only 1 image should be assigned to each of the ‘Primary Photo’ (recommend a logo) and ‘Secondary Photo’ (recommend an overhead or action photo) categories and all others should be assigned to ‘gallery’

STEP 3… POST YOUR SCHEDULE! (20 minutes for 20 dates)

To post your individual race dates, once logged in, just click ‘SCHEDULE’ in the Member Box. You can enter one date at a time and yes, you can ‘cut and paste’ text into the various fields so you don’t have to retype everything every time.

A NOTE OF CAUTION… Some tracks say, “I have my schedule on my website, so I’ll leave it at that…” HERE’S A WARNING on that mindset… One of the MOST VISITED pages each week at RacingIn.com is our ‘Race Dates’ page. This is the page we post to 44,900 and growing facebook fans every weekend. It is also SHARED across many groups with tens of thousands MORE fans. If your dates aren’t listed individually those people won’t see them!

A FINAL THOUGHT… POSTING TRACK NEWS! (One minute per press release)

The motto at RacingIn.com is simple… WE PROMOTE WHAT YOU POST!

There’s no need for you to e-mail your news to us and hope we post it sometime in the next day. Just Log In, click ‘TRACK NEWS’ in the member box and copy/paste the headlines and text from your press releases. Once you click ADD TRACK NEWS, it’s part of the database and we’ll be redistributing it to thousands. NOTE… WHEN POSTING NEWS STORIES, use the date you want the article to APPEAR ON THE SITE, NOT THE DATE OF A FUTURE EVENT! If you choose a future date, the article will not show up for the public until that date.

Thanks again for registering and please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback.

Best wishes for great and safe racing!
Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 2:27:13 PM

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