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The first place check from the New York Dirt Kart Series race #1 at Starlite Speedway.

The first 2013 New York Dirt Kart Series trophy at Starlite Speedway

6/16/13 Burris Money Series at Selinsgrove Raceway

Mall show 2012

2011 King of Concrete NC. Predator Kart

King of Concrete 2011 North Carolina

NYDKS Caroga Creek

NYDKS Caroga Creek 6/4/11

NYDKS Caroga Creek 6/4/11

Seth in victory lane at LimeRock Speedway

Seth and crew chief, Lance Yeager

on the poll at Paradise Speedway

Seth's NYDKS trophy LimeRock track

on the grid at Limerock

Seth leading the 20 kart pack at the NYDKS Caroga Creek.

After winning both heats, sitting on the pole for the feature for the NYDKS Caroga Creek

Seth 2009 PDKS, Slack Reactor

Seth at PDKS 2009 in his Slack Reactor.

Working in the shop with Crew Cheif Lance Yeager, that's where the races are won.

On the grid at the 2010 Indoor Championship in Syracuse, NY

After a day of working on the kart and racing to the top, Seth in victory circle at Cove Valley Speedway.

Seth's 2010 Slack Axiom

Seth 2009 Syracuse, NY

Seth's 2010 victory win in Jr. Hurricane Starlite Speedway

Seth 2010 first time in a Jr. Hurricane Starlite Speedway.

Seth 2009 Moes Karting World

Seth Fuller