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Hometown: South Windsor, CT

Favorite Local Track: Stafford Motor Speedway

Other Tracks I Visit: 106

Occupation: 6th. grade student

Hobbies: Racing, soccer, horseback riding, track and field, snowboarding

Favorite Local Racer: Heather DesRochers & Ronnie Midford Jr.

Favorite Professional Racer: Danica Patrick

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I’ve Been A Racing Fan Ever Since… FOREVER, well since I was 6.

I Love Racing Because… I love beating boys and the feeling of going fast. Also crossing the finished line as the checkered flag comes down.

The best race I have ever been to was… When I won my first race on June 21 2010. Note my kart number!

The worst crash I’ve ever seen in person was… When my kart rolled on its' nose in a five kart incident and I crashed into the wall hard.

My biggest ‘racing memory’ is… When I came in third in my very first race at Stafford in a 19 kart field.

First race ever at Stafford, August 2009. Really finished 3rd. but that was the sign they used.

"Order in the House" Hey, I might like this. At the State Capitol

on tour of the State Capital, well inside the Governor's office,hmmm.. my next seat??!!

Dad, gotta love him.

chatting with the governor

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Hi my name is Caitlyn and I am 12 years old. I am in 6 grade and just got straight A`s on my progress report. I love soccer, basketball, track and field, horseback riding and especially racing. My kart is the #21 ( Tiger Sprint A) and it is painted Victory Red . My favorite color is purple and neon green. My favorite food are noodles. My favorite rides are Batman and Bizarro (6 Flags) and Test Track (Disney World). I also recommend  reading The Art  of Racing In The Rain by Garth Stein. It is a very heartwarming story. Go Enzo! I love to hang around in my backyard with my friends and do other fun things. One thing I did with a friend is make a webshow.... Go to Youtube and type in Wierd Wacky World and there are 3 videos that we made. My username for Youtube is Bones123451 so you could type that in instead (I use that username because I want to be an FBI Homicide Investigator when I am older). I am also a joker.... I love to pull a good joke (so watch out) But overall people describe me as a social butterfly, outgoing, smart, and determined!!

Caitlyn (I also want ot thank my sponsors: Carstar for keeping it painted and taking out any dents, Savings Institute Bank for their donations, Batik Salon for keeping my hair perfect) and "Dick" Kelley of RSK Kellco of South Windsor for his donation to our racing fund.


May 29, 2011 - Our racing series got rained out twice so the first points race will be Monday, June 6.  We did have an open practice on May 9 and I only ran three sessions out of five. Came in 1, 2, & 1.  So we are encouraged!  Stay tuned.  


 June 6, 2011  After two rain outs we finally got to race. Kart handeled good, but we had no acceleration. The little flathead (only one in the field of animal motors) needs two laps to get up to speed. Came in 8th. in the feature, 1/2 lap behind the leader.  Dad will work on it more during the week. 


None listed at this time.