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Hometown: Laurel, MT

Favorite Local Track: Yellowstone Drag Strip

Occupation: Welder

Hobbies: Fabrication, finding oldies from by-gone eras to build radical Rods.

Favorite Local Racer: Dave Ruff

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I Love Racing Because… There's something about the burning rubber mixed with the fuel they use that really gets the heart to pumping. Watching them going down the track is a mighty powerful experience to say the least.

I've always enjoyed racing since my years in school with one of many cars I've owned; such as the 1957 Ford Ranchero I'd race anywhere and at any time. Whether through main street, along the highway, in the next town, or down cemetry hill and back - a need for the speed is what it's all about. I just love the sound of going through the gears and picking up the speed which makes for one happy guy. Building an awesome racer so that one day I too can burn rubber on the blacktop of YDS or another race track that catches my fancy.

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