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Hometown: Muskegon, MI

Favorite Local Track: Winston

Other Tracks I Visit: Winston, Thunderbird, Crystal, Orleans, Mid-Michigan, Kalamazoo, Galesburg, Hartford, Gingerman, Plymouth, New Paris, Butler, and I-96

Favorite Local Racer: Bill May/Bethany May

Favorite Professional Racer: Dale Earnhardt Jr,

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I’ve Been A Racing Fan Ever Since… I was in my mothers womb. I was born and raised a dirt track girl.

I Love Racing Because… Its in my family. My grandfather raced, my dad and cousin race, and some of my uncles too. I dont know what my life would be without it.

The best race I have ever been to was… When my dad raced 3 wide for the lead in the Sandy Tenbrink memorial race for the entire 2nd half of the race at thunderbird last year. That race meant alot to us and for him to win it was just amazing.

The worst crash I’ve ever seen in person was… When Eddie Reyes rolled in 3 and 4 at Winston, scariest thing ive ever seen.

My biggest ‘racing memory’ is… When my dad was the 2009 U.M.P. National Champion

My cousin Bethanys car her first year in young guns at Winston

My dad in his big Monte...his motor was in the process of blowing up.

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