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Did you forget these spots in your cleaning session?

You must be happy to have a shark navigator lift-away deluxe nv360 to help you clean the household. But no matter how advanced your vacuum cleaner is, if you don’t know the list of these essential spots, you will never clean your place properly. Let your amazing blue Shark Navigator NV360 show its true potential by cleaning up these areas for you.

1. Windowsills, blinds and shades

It’s never enough to just clean the ground. Dust comes from the outside, and one common way for them to get in is through the windows. Don’t forget to vacuum the windowsills, blinds and shades of your windows. A soft brush is a perfect attachment for this job.

2. Mattress

If the time to flip the mattress has come, don’t forget to run the shark vacuum nv360 over it once or twice. There is more dust that accumulated in this area more than you can imagine. Use the upholstery tool to swipe all the unwanted thing out of your sleeping territory.

3. Foam pillows

Even if you can’t wash them, that doesn’t mean you should leave them as a dust trap. Just keep in mind that you need to be gentle with these foam pillows when using a vacuum to clean them. Make sure the machine is on low suction power before starting your task.

4. Fridge coils

To keep your fridge working is to make sure you always have fresh food. Dirty fridge coils will result in low efficiency because the fridge can’t release heat, which means it has a harder time to keep working properly. If you never pay attention to this area before, equip the crevice tool for your Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 and start cleaning your fridge coils right away.

5. Keyboard

The keyboard needs special care because: one - you use it regularly and your hands are full of bacteria; two - if you don’t use it frequently, you need to prevent dust accumulating and ruin your keyboard; three – if you have the habit of eating snacks while using the computer, you need to clean all the crumbs away from your keyboard. And the quickest way to clean your keyboard is to use a vacuum cleaner.

6. Speakers

If you want to keep the music sounds lively every time you put the speaker on, remember to clean them as well. Turn on your vacuum cleaner and use a soft brush to bust all the dust. Don’t forget to clean the power cord to keep the sockets free from infiltrating.

7. Drawers

Drawers are where you keep all your stuff. If you don’t clean them, your stuff will be dirty. Put a shock over the hose’s nozzle and use your shark navigator 360 to get to every corner of your drawers carefully.

8. Heating ducts and air conditioning vents

The last thing you want is to get dusty air inside the house by an air conditioner. Use a dusting brush to clean all the vents to keep them unclogged and dust-free. That applies to heating ducts as well, so don’t miss these spots.

9. Brooms

Are you surprised that we should clean a cleaning tool? Just like you have to wash the table cloths after using them, cleaning your broom is necessary. Use your shark vacuum to get rid of the accumulated dust and hair. Your broom will be good as new, which means it will work efficiently.

We hope that after knowing these spots, you will start cleaning them right away with your amazing Shark NV360. The spotless household is now your new achievement!

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