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Hometown: Shelby, NC

Favorite Local Track: LMS

Other Tracks I Visit: Bristol,Daytona,Atlanta

Occupation: Marketeer

Hobbies: Writing, Vintage Anything!

Favorite Professional Racer: Juan Montoya

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I’ve Been A Racing Fan Ever Since… Since birth.

I Love Racing Because… It's in the blood! The loyalty of the fans.

I am a total social media junkie, web designer, and mother.I do not believe that I have ever met a stranger. That is the great thing about social media. The people and relationships you create along the way.Social media and web design are my second career.Prior to, I purchased golf and resort apparel for private clubs in Florida and South Carolina. I now reside in North Carolina with my 9-year old daughter, Hannah.

A little help from my racing friends!

Chocolate Prom? lol OK. Thanks Simon! Read More

A little help from my racing friends!

Hey Simon. I'm a fan here on Racing In. I was checking out the High Octane Thrills site, looking for the chocolate promo. Maybe I'm missing it, but... Read More

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