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Hometown: Tri Cities, TN

Favorite Local Track: South Holston Raceway Park

Other Tracks I Visit: Muddy Creek, I-81, Beechnut

Occupation: Non Profit

Hobbies: Helping kids race

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I’ve Been A Racing Fan Ever Since… We saw our first kid smile in a kart.

I Love Racing Because… It gives kids a better outlook on life.

The best race I have ever been to was… Was when kids are racing.

Racing Dreamz Mission Statement:


To provide a path as well as a venue in which to
enlighten children affected by illness, disease,
poverty and/or social circumstance to the joys of
racing. Our mission is to bring joy and hope and
provide direction by giving these youngsters an
opportunity to live a dream or discover a new
direction in life by offering them the chance to learn
to drive and race half scale off road racing trucks. In
addition, our aim is to promote a setting whereby
youth learn team building skills, and the skills
related to constructing the vehicles and proper
maintenance, thereby giving kids valuable routine
skills to build self esteem and confidence that
should help them in later life endeavors or bring a
smile to the faces of those kids who are terminally
ill. Our focus is giving hope to children who may
think they have no options for a future and to bring
joy to others for whom life is too brief.

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