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Hometown: Sturgeon Bay, WI

Favorite Local Track: ThunderHill Raceway Sturgeon Bay Wis.

Other Tracks I Visit: Luxemburg Speedway,141 Speedway,Chilton Speedway,Seymour Super Speedway,Shawano Speedway

Occupation: Tree Trimmer

Hobbies: Recording and watching races,freesbee golf,editing and making video for my 2 youtubes

Favorite Local Racer: the Frog Station Flash 73 IMCA Mod of Dan Rataczjak

Favorite Professional Racer: Mark Martin

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I’ve Been A Racing Fan Ever Since… the mid 90s

I Love Racing Because… you cant see this kinda of action on the hwys i hope lol

The best race I have ever been to was… 9-10-2011 at Shawano Speedway found on my youtube feature was awesome it starts around 7:30

The worst crash I’ve ever seen in person was… so many a car pushed off another car up towards the wall a guy coming full speed on the outside from the back to the front T-boned him almost through the concrete wall it took about an hour to fix that wall great work by the seymour crew getting it done fast

My biggest ‘racing memory’ is… my little brother putting me into the wall back in 2002 racing Bombers

 I am from northeast wisconsin i video and upload alot of races to my youtube and i make music videos for my other youtube i have been eating breathing and living racing even when the snow is on the ground 

None listed at this time.