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Hometown: White Pigeon, MI

Favorite Local Track: New Paris Speedway

Other Tracks I Visit: Currently 37 Tracks 4 States MI, IN, OH, WI

Occupation: Inspector

Hobbies: Enjoying Outdoors

Favorite Local Racer: To Many

Favorite Professional Racer: Kinser

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I’ve Been A Racing Fan Ever Since… 1979 @ Age 3 Have Been Around Racing As Family Has Also Raced,

I Love Racing Because… I Love Fact Going To New Tracks Sometimes 2-3-4 Tracks A Week.

The best race I have ever been to was… I Have Seen My Fair Share Good Ones To Many List.

The worst crash I’ve ever seen in person was… New Paris Speedway The Night Pat Riley Lost His Life Outlaw Super Alliance Late Model On Asphalt Track

My biggest ‘racing memory’ is… I Use To Get Pit Passed Given To Me As Youngster



 My name is Chris and MWTrackChaser was Created to share with everyone the track enthusiasts experience and after attending many local short tracks in our area we have decided to be active in Midwest Track Chaser scene in attending many different race tracks through out the midwest.

use to be that all use to do was go to the same track each weekend, But now attending as many different tracks as we can either it be a week day or weekend as long as time allows & mother nature allows the tracks to get in the racing either be dirt or paved short track style!

There are many track chasers out there, some do not choose to log their journey in the process. while being a track chaser you enjoy the traveling rather it be by car plane train method you will get to the track you choose. or writing some article or discussing it on some sort of a bulletin board. you also write about your journey as well as let other write your visit to these tracks. in which they may want to visit them.

Many people who choose to chase have local tracks they chase to and those others go town to town state to state country to country, and while doing so close near by a track find other ventures always while attending track prior to opening of track find other place to see that they may never had chance to had they not been attending this track while being a track chaser.

Some people who have been chasers for awhile choose not to tell the tracks in advance they are coming as to they may feel like when they write something it must be all positive and not all openly true about the tracks, but some track do have their own flaws and with a chaser showing up and writing they freely write how they wish but within reason and do not bash the track we all have mistakes and some tracks have new owners so it is all about a learning curve.

None listed at this time.